09 February, 2007

If a Baby Duck is a Duckling - What is a Baby Sheep ?

Yesterday afternoon saw Abhay involved in quite a few activities.

We had already read (I mean I read it out to him) “The Gingerbread Man” three times and the Gingerbread Man had fallen out of his good books, for the day atleast.

We had done some alphabet tracing (else Mom keeps nagging). We’re talking a full five minutes of tracing here. And we had done some practice with numbers too. Things were smooth at first and then the monkeying around began.

32 became twenty three
54 became forty five

and so on and so forth till Mom was forced to change tracks.

Then we went on to revising the animal babies’ names.

Again things were fine at first

Baby Cat : Kitten
Baby Dog : Puppy
Baby Cow : Calf
Baby Goat : Kid
Baby Duck : Duckling
Baby Goose : Gosling

And then imagination took over

What’s a Baby Sheep Abhay ?

Pat came the reply “Sheepling”

Hmmm …..

What’s a Baby Kangaroo Abhay ?

(Now the smile on that little face was growing by the second)

“Kangarooling” came the reply.

OK ……

“What’s a Baby Pig Abhay ?” I asked him, knowing fully well that he just would not be able to resist saying “Piglet”.

“Piglet” came the reply.

Yaaaaayyy !!!!

Carried away by the success of that question,

“What’s a Baby Hen Abhay ?” I asked him

“Chicklet” came the reply accompanied by a “Ear to Ear” Grin.

And he ran away before I could catch hold of him

4 voice(s) said so:

@ said...

lol!!! what an adorable 'mischiefling' he is :)

mommyof2 said...

so cute:-)

The Mad Momma said...

i hope you're working on that abhay-isms book!!

Just like that said...

mischiefling indeed he is!:)