25 February, 2007

I Do v/s I See

Both Appu and Abhay wanted to go over to Kowloon Park one weekend. Main attraction there being the aviary and a huge pond area with lots of ducks, flamingos, fishes and turtles.

But that particular weekend, all the birds had been taken away by the park authorities because of the bird flu scare. Three stray pigeons carrying the H5N1 virus had been found dead within a 5 mile vicinity of the park.

So the kids had to be content with the fishes and the turtles. But to add cheer to the rather weatherwise gloomy day, the rose garden was in full bloom as were almost all the other flowering plants in the park. It was such a colourful confusion.

The following week, I rather casually asked Abhay where he had been during the weekend and he said “Abhay go to the Koloon Park”.

When I asked him what he did in the park, he said

“I go to toilet. I do wee wee. I flush. I wash my hands. I wipe hands with tissue.”

I was expecting a slightly more detailed narrative which I thought would include the colourful flowers, the fishes (which he had been gaping at saying “sooo big fish”), the baby turtles.

Annhhh Annnnnhhaaa !!!

There was nothing.

I asked him once again as to what he did in the park and again got the same reply. No mention of anything other than the trip to the toilet.

The same question posed once again the next day yielded the same reply.

The next day, I asked him why there was no mention of the flowers, turtles etc

And he says (I could not believe my ears at that point of time so I don’t really blame any one of you out there whose initial reaction, after reading his reply below, is “No way. No way that can come from a 3 ½ year old. Well, believe it or not, it did !”)

Abhay SEE lotsam flowers, lotsam fishies, lotsam tortoise in the Koloon Park.


Abhay DO wee-wee in the toilet.

My question had been “what did you do in Kowloon Park ?”

And as far as he was concerned, the answer was quite unequivocal.

As per his logic, what he SAW in the park did not constitute part of what he DID.

And in his own way, if one looks at it in terms of speaking politically correct English, I have to admit that he was right !!

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B o o said...

Come on! No way. No way that can come from a 3 ½ year old. ;)
But WOW! Im amazed!

Anonymous said...

Thats fabulous..He is a great kiddo...Walking encyclopedia..

-Lalitha(first time visitor)

Gauri said...

Lalitha : Welcome !! Hope to see you more often :-) And thanks for the compliments - more often than not he is a complete terror to have around :-)

Boo : This guy just floors me at times and this was one of those times.
I had to prompt a complete recount from him right from
Where did we go ? How did we get there ?
Then he would say "We go in Double Decker Bus"
Then I had him talk about the actual park scene etc and that was when I noticed that he was very particular about saying that he "saw" something and "did" something.

I have not taught him the diff - so I honestly don't know how he learnt to differentiate. I still mull over it. How did he learn this ? I ask myself.

Another possibility I did consider was Appu - cos she is a source of a great deal of info for Abhay.

Either way, when it comes to his concept of seeing and doing - he really puts his foot down - and keeps it there :-)

SM said...

Woah!! Amazing!! You have a prodigy at your hands!!

artnavy said...

I am amazed

You kidding?

Orchid said...

SO, abhay is 31/2 ? I can see where this came from. My son A does that too..he even tries to correct me..becoz in their li'l minds words have very specific usage..nothing wrong with that i guess

Gauri said...

Art : You really think I'm kidding ???

Orchid : Abhay's 3 3/4 to be exact. Nice to know I have company and that someone else out there too is at the receiving end of so many corrections :-)

karmickids said...

I am amazed and awed, my brat is 3 and four months, and nowhere near this level of rationalising...

Usha said...

We learn every day dont we?
You can't beat their logic!

Dad said...

My Son is a Genius or a Whacko Weirdo...only time can say.

Either way, I don't look forward to him growing up.

- Dad of Abhay

Just like that said...

LOL unbeatable logic