23 February, 2007

Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum !!!

Bubble Gum Bubble Gum – is the chant I’ve been hearing a lot over the past few weeks.

Then this changed to “I want Bubble Gum”.

Poor Abhay !! Needless to say, his Mommy can be quite dense when the situation so requires.

So yesterday, when the consistently stubborn (in this case) mommy was busy with something else, Abhay stuck a balloon in his mouth and went about looking for Mommy. Find mommy he did, of course and went on to tell her “That’s a bubble gum. Abhay has bubble gum in the mouth”.

Mommy did feign surprise at having been outwitted but did not budge a millimeter as far as the bubble gum embargo business was concerned.

And much to Abhay’s consternation and dismay, Mommy’s message was quite clear

“I hear you Abhay. I hear you loud and clear. And you looked pretty cute with that balloon stuck in your mouth. All the same, my dear, I’m not about to toe your line on this one – not just yet !!”

P.S : this picture is courtesy “that something” mommy happened to be doing when Abhay came looking for her with the balloon in his mouth. Mommy happened to be going thru the pictures in the digital camera cos she had to print some pics out.

And she ended up snapping a Candid Picture !!!

7 voice(s) said so:

@ said...

100 points to Abhay for originality...
100 points to Mommy for being able to resist this cute plea!

starry nights said...

That is cute. I have to agree with the person with the previous comment.Abhay gets a 100 points for originality.Mom I think he needs a piece of gum.

Sush said...

that is a masterpiece balloon :)

Hip Grandma said...

Kudos to you for not giving in.but abhay is a smart kid.Be careful,he may get his way even without your knowing it.BTW went through other posts.Loved the one on love.

The Mad Momma said...

:) i am running out of diff ways of calling this child bright!!! and hell that was one lucky camera moment!

Coffee said...

Hi Gauri...... thanks for dropping by my blog. YEAH!!!! my dads a dentist too and so is my bro!!!!! He practices in goregaon, mumbai. Is it the same one???? :)

Great blog you have there and your kidd's very cute. :) Will keep coming for more. :)

Just like that said...

He sure knows to put his point across, does Abhay! too bad it didn't work on his mater.;)