25 February, 2007

Abhay and the Pencil ....

This happened a few weeks back.

Actually – all the three posts of today are the little “tidbits” which took place a few weeks back and only today did I realise that I had not written a post about them.

Abhay was busy with his ABCD tracing book and I was busy with one of my chores around the house. Suddenly, I heard his little voice say

“Pencil la Chee Chee Pottu Tharen” (Abhayism for “Want to put chee chee on the pencil)

It struck me as quite odd because he freaks when he even sees a single hair lying around – be it on the floor or the sofa or the bathroom floor or the pencil or the eraser – just about anywhere basically. The same goes for specks of lint or dust or dirt. Honestly, I thank my stars that he does not view the soles of his shoes everytime he comes back from the park !!

Going by his above attitude towards any form of “chee chee”, I was quite surprised to hear him say that he “wanted to put chee chee on the pencil”.

Quite honestly, I was nonplussed !!

Something was not right somewhere.

Abandoning the task on hand, I went around to investigate what this particular “chee chee” was – if it could actually make Abhay want to put it on his pencil, it must be something spectacular, I thought to myself.

When he saw me, he again repeated “Pencil la chee chee pottu tharen”.

On closer inspection of the pencil, I found that the lead of on the pencil had broken off.

And then it dawned !!!!! And I permitted myself a smile when the penny dropped.

Normally when the lead on the pencil breaks off, Abhay picks it up and says “That’s a chee chee” and heads in the direction of the dustbin.

In this case, he wanted the pencil sharpened and at that time, the word “sharpen” was not part of his vocabulary.

So, I guess, he went into reverse gear and said “Pencil la Chee Chee Pottu Tharen” – his way of saying “I want to put a piece of lead back on this pencil”.

I could not help but smile at the ingenuity with which he managed to get his message across.

3 voice(s) said so:

B o o said...

This reminds me what Ashu said a couple of days back. When I ask her to keep something on the table or the counter, she comes back and says "Amma, vachuten" and expects a thanks or a good job from me. The other day I asked her to give a book or something to her dad and she came back to me but started thinking for two seconds on what to say as she did nt know to say "kuduthuten" and then she says "Appa thanks sonna". I was amazed at how she thought of that and decided "vachuten" is not appropriate in this case! It really makes us proud right? all these supposed-to-be silly things!

Gauri said...

Yeah Boo !! Kids do amaze us with their dexterity. And that was good and quick thinking on Ashu's part :-)

Just like that said...

I just mentioned in my last comment that Abhay sure knows to put his point across. And my belief is confirmed!!! he SURE knows how to put his point across!!:-D