23 January, 2007

Raisin Bun or is it ?

Today afternoon, after he was back from school, I asked Abhay what his teacher had given the kids for their snack at school.

For a while there was no reply and all the while I could see a smile gradually forming on that naughty face.

Finally, with a really mischevious beam, he says "Teacher (he used her name) give you Raisin Bum"

A Raisin What ?? I asked him, in the hope that it had been a mistake, after all.

That was not to be.

"Raisin Bum. Teacher give you a Raisin Bum" he said.

This guy is really getting very cheeky of late.

Pun not intended, of course !!

2 voice(s) said so:

The Mad Momma said...

now that i have had a laugh... you have to tell us what he really meant! a raisin bun?

Gauri said...

Yes MM :-))

They did have a raisin buN for their snack that day.