23 January, 2007


Happened yesterday after Abhay got back from school.

He was watching "Bob the Builder" on TV while I got his lunch ready.

Once out of the kitchen, I asked him to sit on the chair so that he could have his lunch. Normally he complies but yesterday what I got in reply was "Noooooo".

"Why ? What happened ?" got me no proper answer and kind of left me wondering.

Once again I asked him to go sit on his chair and once again the answer was "NOOOOO".

This time around, however, he decided to be more "obliging" with a reason for the "NOOOO".

With a look that I can only describe as totally cheeky, he says "Mummy say Please".

Oh My God !!! (*** Gape Gape ***)

With another cheeky grin, there was the request again "Please Please say Please".

2 voice(s) said so:

starry nights said...

Kids are learning early these days.So mommy dont forget the please.

The Mad Momma said...

ohmigod.. this is too funny!!! how cute... well i guess this is when you realise u are growing old.. when ur kids have to teach u manners!!!