29 January, 2007

Face Creams and Illusions

Happened late today morning ......

Abhay does not have school today since their first semester officially ended on Friday last and their second semester begins tomorrow. So today is a holiday. Does not make any sense - but then a holiday it remains.

Thru early morning, he had been in a totally lousy mood. Brought on by a throat infection and congested chest that he had been suffering from since late last week. Around 10.30 am the clouds cleared and a small sunny face began to play peek a boo.

We had been reading a small story from one of the books. We were through with one story and before beginning the second one, I told Abhay that I had a lil bit of work to finish.

Once I was thru with that, I remembered to put on my face cream (which I would otherwise have ended up forgetting). By this time, curiosity having gotten the better of the little cat, he came into the bedroom and wanted to go sit near the window of the kids' bedroom and read the second story.

We did go over to the ledge near the window and all the while I noticed that he was giving me curious looks.

Halfway thru the story, he looks at me with that famous index finger pointed towards me and says "Mummy is Cheetah ?"

I do know that cold medicines can do funny things but me being visualised as (of all the things) - a cheetah !!!!!!!

Then came the statement "Mummy is Cheetaaaaaahhhh!!!

When I asked him why, he says "Mummy got spots".

"Spots !! Where ???" I asked him.

"Here" he said, pointing to my face.

Oh !!!!!!

That was when it dawned on me.

I had tiny spots of face cream on my face and in the midst of Abhay walking into the bedroom and me carrying him off to the kids' bedroom and all, I had completely forgotten to massage the same into my face.

So - yes - spots they were !!!

Come tomorrow, I am going to apply my face cream in stripes all over my face !!

7 voice(s) said so:

Sush said...

hey cheetaah mom :-)

starry nights said...

Abhay is so cute,He comes out with some sweet things.mommy cheetah.I can picture you with spots of face cream.

The Mad Momma said...

abhay comes up with some priceless ones... you should do a seperate little booklet or send them to reader's digest for good money!

itchingtowrite said...

ha ha good one.. whenever i go to the cupboard whre my make up stuff is there. my 2 little ones imitate hair oiling!! then i apply cream dots on their cheeks & they again oil their hair in response., never rub teh creme of the cheeks

Mystic Rose said...

..and read jungle book?

haha thats a good story! so cuuute!

and kids do have an mazing imagination and presence of mind.

Gabdu's Mommy said...

First time here I think ..got here from MadMommas link .. all the Abhyaisms are tooo good :-))

Just like that said...

Abhay is totally sure you're an anilmal!!! If not a cheetah, a pig LOL! Love the abhayisms too!