20 January, 2007

Another little snippet ........

............that I just remembered.

While we were in Bombay, a very close friend of mine delivered. She had a lovely little baby girl.

We went over to visit her and see the baby. We had been telling Abhay and Appu about the little baby we were going to visit. Appu seemed quite excited but there was no particular reaction from Abhay then.

Once at the hospital, both of them seemed quite fascinated by the tiny little baby.

Then, as babies normally do, this little baby also started to cry. Small sounds – what one would expect from a newborn. And much to the kids’ wonder, the little baby even sneezed. Abhay’s eyes were as big as saucers.

We were driving back home from the hospital when Abhay, in all of his infinite wisdom said

“That baby like a pussy cat. Heen Heen Heen (that was an imitation of the small sounds the baby made while she was crying ……….. Aacchhooo (that was the sneeze)”.

Fortunately, this was well out of the earshot of the new mom.

Else, someone else would have been meowing and pretty loudly at that.

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