17 January, 2007

Advantages of Hindi in HK

Pardon me if I'm sounding kind of gross here but - talking of colloquials, we, at home, have a term for the act of "Spitting Phlegm".

We, very simply, call it KAAAAAAA THOOOOO. This terminology has been very useful in getting Appu to get into the habit of spitting the phlegm out whenever she has a congested chest. Abhay is not there yet but he most definitely knows the meaning of KAAAAA THOOO.

Today morning, as we were walking towards his school, he saw an old man in the park doing just that.


And Abhay immediately says "What's uncle doing ?" and followed it up with a loud


And when he saw the old man spitting the phlegm out right there on the grass, this little fellow goes

"CHHEE GANDHI - Go to the bathroom no !!"

3 voice(s) said so:

starry nights said...

That was cute..It is an advantage knowing another language especially if you dont want to hurt another person.

Sush said...

right about the advantages of another language...

Nice to catch up after a long time.. have a nice day

Anonymous said...

but one has got to be careful. my mum's favourite story about her younger days is this - she and her friend were waiting in a bus queue in bombay. the whole time there was this funnyish looking tall guy with a funny hat right in front of them and behaving in a strange manner. my mum and her friend kept saying in kannada "i feel really 'not-so-nice' when i see this guy' (kannada is not a language spoken in bombay). when the bus arrived this guy got on and just as my mum was getting on he turned around and asked - in kannada - "what do you feel when you see me?"!!! these two girls jumped off the bus and stood in another long queue!!!
- d