29 January, 2007

Face Creams and Illusions

Happened late today morning ......

Abhay does not have school today since their first semester officially ended on Friday last and their second semester begins tomorrow. So today is a holiday. Does not make any sense - but then a holiday it remains.

Thru early morning, he had been in a totally lousy mood. Brought on by a throat infection and congested chest that he had been suffering from since late last week. Around 10.30 am the clouds cleared and a small sunny face began to play peek a boo.

We had been reading a small story from one of the books. We were through with one story and before beginning the second one, I told Abhay that I had a lil bit of work to finish.

Once I was thru with that, I remembered to put on my face cream (which I would otherwise have ended up forgetting). By this time, curiosity having gotten the better of the little cat, he came into the bedroom and wanted to go sit near the window of the kids' bedroom and read the second story.

We did go over to the ledge near the window and all the while I noticed that he was giving me curious looks.

Halfway thru the story, he looks at me with that famous index finger pointed towards me and says "Mummy is Cheetah ?"

I do know that cold medicines can do funny things but me being visualised as (of all the things) - a cheetah !!!!!!!

Then came the statement "Mummy is Cheetaaaaaahhhh!!!

When I asked him why, he says "Mummy got spots".

"Spots !! Where ???" I asked him.

"Here" he said, pointing to my face.

Oh !!!!!!

That was when it dawned on me.

I had tiny spots of face cream on my face and in the midst of Abhay walking into the bedroom and me carrying him off to the kids' bedroom and all, I had completely forgotten to massage the same into my face.

So - yes - spots they were !!!

Come tomorrow, I am going to apply my face cream in stripes all over my face !!

24 January, 2007

Why does Daddy go to the office ??

According to Abhay, the answer is quite short and simple....

"Daddy go to the office and Daddy go to the sop (Abhayism for shop) to buy you (Abhayism for me - that is to say him) gift".

Fuzzy Logic ????

Naaaaaahhhhh !!!!!

His logic ain't that fuzzy anymore !!

23 January, 2007

Raisin Bun or is it ?

Today afternoon, after he was back from school, I asked Abhay what his teacher had given the kids for their snack at school.

For a while there was no reply and all the while I could see a smile gradually forming on that naughty face.

Finally, with a really mischevious beam, he says "Teacher (he used her name) give you Raisin Bum"

A Raisin What ?? I asked him, in the hope that it had been a mistake, after all.

That was not to be.

"Raisin Bum. Teacher give you a Raisin Bum" he said.

This guy is really getting very cheeky of late.

Pun not intended, of course !!


Happened yesterday after Abhay got back from school.

He was watching "Bob the Builder" on TV while I got his lunch ready.

Once out of the kitchen, I asked him to sit on the chair so that he could have his lunch. Normally he complies but yesterday what I got in reply was "Noooooo".

"Why ? What happened ?" got me no proper answer and kind of left me wondering.

Once again I asked him to go sit on his chair and once again the answer was "NOOOOO".

This time around, however, he decided to be more "obliging" with a reason for the "NOOOO".

With a look that I can only describe as totally cheeky, he says "Mummy say Please".

Oh My God !!! (*** Gape Gape ***)

With another cheeky grin, there was the request again "Please Please say Please".

20 January, 2007

Another little snippet ........

............that I just remembered.

While we were in Bombay, a very close friend of mine delivered. She had a lovely little baby girl.

We went over to visit her and see the baby. We had been telling Abhay and Appu about the little baby we were going to visit. Appu seemed quite excited but there was no particular reaction from Abhay then.

Once at the hospital, both of them seemed quite fascinated by the tiny little baby.

Then, as babies normally do, this little baby also started to cry. Small sounds – what one would expect from a newborn. And much to the kids’ wonder, the little baby even sneezed. Abhay’s eyes were as big as saucers.

We were driving back home from the hospital when Abhay, in all of his infinite wisdom said

“That baby like a pussy cat. Heen Heen Heen (that was an imitation of the small sounds the baby made while she was crying ……….. Aacchhooo (that was the sneeze)”.

Fortunately, this was well out of the earshot of the new mom.

Else, someone else would have been meowing and pretty loudly at that.

17 January, 2007

Advantages of Hindi in HK

Pardon me if I'm sounding kind of gross here but - talking of colloquials, we, at home, have a term for the act of "Spitting Phlegm".

We, very simply, call it KAAAAAAA THOOOOO. This terminology has been very useful in getting Appu to get into the habit of spitting the phlegm out whenever she has a congested chest. Abhay is not there yet but he most definitely knows the meaning of KAAAAA THOOO.

Today morning, as we were walking towards his school, he saw an old man in the park doing just that.


And Abhay immediately says "What's uncle doing ?" and followed it up with a loud


And when he saw the old man spitting the phlegm out right there on the grass, this little fellow goes

"CHHEE GANDHI - Go to the bathroom no !!"

That's Mr.Bean

On Sunday last, we were getting ready for an outing. Abhay was already dressed and was buzzing around like a bee. Just then he saw Vic putting on his jacket and flexing his shoulders quite vigorously.

A sudden burst of inspiration saw Abhay hollering “That’s Mr. Bean” “That’s Mr. Bean”.

From the Mouths of the "Babes"

Some snippets from the “mouths of the babes” while we were on our sojourn to India.

We flew in to Kochi airport and hired a car to take us to Ernakulam. En route, as is normal in Kerala, there was plentiful of grasslands on both ides of the road and there were cattle grazing peacefully. Suddenly Appu exclaims “Hey Hey –Look Look – I see wildlife”.

While in Kerala, we took the kids to the elephant krall at Kodanad, Perumbavoor. There were quite a few frisky baby elephants which the kids were absolutely enamoured with. Finally, we took them to the last stalls where we saw two huge, majestic elephants. The kids, I must say, were totally dumbstruck. Just then, one elephant peed and Abhay immediately piped up in a loud voice “That’s a waterfall”.

Not to be outdone, Appu exclaimed “Hey I see another trunk. That elephant has two trunks”.

While in Bombay, Abhay got used to seeing auto rickshaws all around. They were everywhere. When he had his first ride in a auto rickshaw, he was clinging to me like a baby monkey, arms around my neck and his face stuffed into the crook of my shoulder. When the rickshaw was running amock on the potholed road, a tiny voice near my shoulder says “Where is the door of the rickshaw ?”

Very soon, auto rickshaw became a favourite mode of transportation. “Its like a horse ride” said Appu.

The four of us were coming back from my mom’s place – in a auto rickshaw, of course. The rickshaws are supposed to have a chain on one of the sides while the other side is used by passengers to get in and out of the rickshaw. This particular rickshaw did not have the chain on the other side. And we were sitting in our usual formation – Appu on one side, me with Abhay perched on my lap in the centre and Vic on the other side. Since there was no chain on Appu’s side of the rickshaw, Vic told her “Appu Hold On Tight”. Appu immediately says “Yes Daddy – I’m holding on – to my glasses”.

This trip, we made it a point to take the kids to visit all of their grandparents. And they have a mind boggling number of grandparents. I mentioned to Vic one day “Let’s go for golgappas tomorrow”. Abhay, not having heard me clearly, asked “Where we going ?”. Vic told him “We’re going for golgappas tomorrow”. Abhay was heard going around saying “Tomorrow we go to see the Golgappa Grandpa and Golgappa Grandma”.

As we do normally, the day before our return to HK, we made a checklist. Just so that we do not end up forgetting something important. Appu wanted to know what a checklist was. I told her “It’s a list you make so that you remember to carry back all the important things”. She looked the list over and says “Hey you’ve listed out “The Kids”. Sure enough – what I had put down on the list was “Cookies and chips in handcarry bag for The Kids”.

While in Bombay, occasionally Abhay, after waking up in the morning, would respond to a “Good Morning” greeting by saying “Subah Ho Gayi Mamooo”.

Carrying the Indianisation a bit further, Abhay now refers to Sesame Street or any of the characters in the show with a loud “Gali Gali Sim Sim” (that’s what Sesame Street is known as in the now infamous cable network in Bombay)

While in Bombay, we had visited the Haji Ali Dargah and while there the Mullah used the peacock feathers to bless people. Abhay chose to call it “Ummachi dusting me”.

This time around, we introduced Appu to the delights of street food in Bombay and much to our delight, she loved it. This time, while going out, the request was not for Kurkures but for Daabelis and Vada Paavs.

More of these as and when I jog my memory and happen to remember some more ......

16 January, 2007

Am Back ..........

........... after a month long journey to India.

Am in the process of compiling a trip journal of sorts, which I'll post here once done.

Ciao !!!