05 December, 2006

Aparna's Birthday Pics ....

"We're just warming up"

"Chaaron Taraf Gopiyaan, Sofe Pe Kanhaiya"

"C'mon Let's Dance !!!"

"Yum Yum !!! Chicken Wings and Pizza !!!"

"Let's have fun with Twister"

"We're all tied up in knots"

"We chilled out in Aparna's room when ........"

"........... we heard someone say "FEEE FIIIII FOOOOO FUM !!!!!"

"For having scared us - have our revenge we did !!! Its tickle time - YAAAAAYYYY!!"

"Hmmmmm - Lovely Yummy Birthday Cake !!"

"Chugga Chugga Choo Choo - The Rail Gaadi is off and running"

"Happy Birthday Aparna !!"