21 November, 2006

What happens when Abhay is in one of his wacko moods ?

Abhay sometimes gets into weird wacko moods. And when he is in one of these moods, getting a straight answer out of him is next to impossible.

Yesterday, for example, this happened before bedtime.

Vic was on the phone with one of his colleagues when Abhay was loitering around in the bedroom, doing nothing in particular and just about everything in general.

Humming a rhyme, practicing numbers looking at the telephone keypad, climbing up on the bed and jumping down, pulling pillows up and doing I-don’t-know-what with them etc…

Vic asked Abhay if he wanted to speak to “Uncle” on the phone and he immediately ran over and took Vic’s cell phone from him.

(The Uncle part of the conversation is what I assumed happened cos I could hear only Abhay’s part of the conversation)

Uncle : Hi Abhay

Abhay : Helloooo

There was some more chatter and then

Uncle : What’s your name ?

Abhay : My name is Aparna

Uncle : What’s your name Abhay ?

Abhay : My name is Aparna

Abhay : What’s yoooouuuur name ?

Abhay : Bye Byeeeee

Off he went, running into the kids’ bedroom.

Once there, when I was changing him into his pajamas, I asked him once again

“What’s your name ?”

“My name is Aparna” came the reply.

All through this, this guy had a totally nonchalant look on his poker face.

I then pointed to myself and asked him “What’s my name ?”

I was rewarded by an expression that I had difficulty classifying – incredulity or dubiousness. As if to say “You really don’t know ?”

No answer

I once again told him “Abhay, what’s my name ?”

“Gau Gau Gau Gauriiiiiii” he said.

What’s Daddy’s name ? I asked him

Normally he says “Kannan” (that’s what Vic is called at home) but yesterday night he chose to say “Venkitaraman” and then went off into a loud “ha ha ha ha ha “

OK – since he got Mom and Dad’s names right, I asked him once again

“What’s your name ?”

“My name is Aparna” came the reply

By then Aparna (I mean the “real” Aparna) – was already in bed and was busy fussing around with her pink blanket.

So I thought to myself “might as well put this guy in a quandary here” and asked him, pointing to Aparna,

“What’s her name ?”

He did not even bat an eyelid, there was not a moment of hesitation as he replied

“That’s a pink sheep”


I gave up !!!!!!!!!!!!

2 voice(s) said so:

the mad momma said...

Come on.. give credit where its due. The pink sheep answer was a brilliant one and extremely quick thinking.. i predict a bright future for this little one!

Aparna said...

Yes, that was wacky. What a great sense of silliness :).

And as mad momma said, that really was smart too.