13 November, 2006

Some more TalGlish ...............

......... this time around, its Abhay !!

I had penned down a post a few months back about Appu's experimentation with TalGlish.

TalGlish does sound weird, I admit. To be honest, it is nothing but a mix of Talayalam (our mother tongue) and English.

Talayalam + English = TalGlish

11 November 2006
Abhay was quite engrossed in his ABC CD-ROM today morning. He’s gotten very adept with these educational CDs, having explored areas of the CD we did not even know existed.

He was playing a game wherein the picture of an animal would appear and the audio input would say something like “Seal plays the Saxophone”. Aside of the picture of the Seal (or whatever the animal in question) would appear 3 random alphabets – and one of them would be the alphabet with which the name of the animal in question begins.

When I peeped in today morning it was the picture of a seal with the audio “Seal plays the Saxophone” with the alphabets S, F, D on the left side of the screen.

Abhay clicked on S and looked at me with that look of pride on his face that one normally associates with an accomplishment.

I decided to take things one step further and asked him what the Seal on the screen was doing. The seal happened to be blowing bubbles but the accompanying audio sounded as though the seal was spitting bubbles out of its mouth.

He looked quite at a loss for words – literally speaking. It was not difficult to envision those wheels creaking and groaning inside his head.

And then, after a few fumbles and stumbles, he says

“The Seal is Thupping”.

Spitting in English = Thuppu in Talayalam

In verb form Thuppu turns into Thupparadhu – which was quite beyond Abhay so I guess he used the word Thuppu and turned it into a verb by adding “ing” thus resulting in


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Talayalam? Where do they speak that? or is it a mix of tamil and malayalam? palakkad side... ?

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