14 November, 2006

Pseudonyms were aplenty .......

......... when Abhay was watching Disney Cartoons today afternoon.

I saw this only today and honestly I don’t know how long this trend is going to continue or whether it even is. It might well have been just a one time show today afternoon cos he was in one of his absolutely wacko moods .........

Anyways .......

Abhay’s penchant for the solar system is very well known to all at home. He reels off the names of all the planets and when the solar system is presented to him on screen and if we ask him to click on any particular planet in absolutely random order, he makes it look very easy.

Today afternoon, there was the whole usual multitude of Disney characters on TV and both Abhay and Appu were thoroughly enjoying them.

Suddenly, Abhay looked at the closeup of Mickey Mouse on the TV and says “Adhu Jupiter”. Then came Donald Duck and he says “That’s a Saturn” and on it went ..... 8 Disney characters with 8 planet names.

Mom had never looked as confused before. I just did not get the logic at that point of time.

I kept asking him why the characters were being named after planets but got zilch feedback from him.

And then, there it was ........

Disney’s PLUTO !!!!!!!!

And he goes “That’s a Pluto” !!!!

Oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pluto = A Disney Character
Pluto = A planet

(as far as Abhay’s concept of solar system goes, Pluto still retains planet status. As far as he is concerned, I guess, NASA can take a walk and make it a long one at that).

So if Pluto, as in the solar system, can turn into a Disney character, any reason why the others shouldn't ??

I hope to God this was just one of his wacko moods and hence the pseudonyms .....

..... cos life, without pseudonyms, is pretty confusing as it is !!!!!

4 voice(s) said so:

the mad momma said...

Wow.. that is seriously bright!!! And its only kids who make these associations... i love the different view of everything they give us

@ said...

that is brilliant!! smart Abhay - watch out for this one..

mommyof2 said...

so cute & smart logic:-)

Tharini said...

Wow!! What a smart and thinking little fellow. Was a pleasure to read his association and logic. Am sharing this one about Dopey with my husband who still remembers him as Hitler. :)