02 November, 2006

Its Halloween !!!

Its Halloween Its Halloween !!!!!!

Come October, kids start building up the excitement towards Halloween. Cos it is time to bring out the costumes, its time to go “Trick or Treating”, a time when just about every kid safely overdoses on candies – in short, time to have fun.

Halloween is one of those very few days in a year when parents don’t really audit the candies earned and more importantly, the candies consumed.

This time around, Appu had a choice between decking up as Bella (as in Beauty and the Beast) or dressing up as a witch. She chose to go for Bella. No two questions about that one cos she did not even have to think of how to get hold of Beast. Why ??

Because mom was to go alongwith her for Trick or Treat. Yay !! She had a readymade Beast to accompany her and this Beast did not even need a costume.

Abhay went around Trick or Treating masquerading as Dracula. This poor little Dracula was quite under the weather though. This was a Dracula on antibiotics cos this little Dracula had a severely congested chest. But that did not stop the little Count from grabbing a bag and going Trick or Treating.

The kids had a whole lot of fun yesterday and there were kids all over the apartment blocks – all in groups of 5 or 6 going around yelling

“Trick or Treat Trick or Treat,
Give us something Good to Eat”

In fact, the little Count seems to have had so much fun Trick or Treating yesterday that he came up to me today afternoon with a very hopeful look in his wide eyes and said

“Let’s Go Twick or Tweet” ??

Well, guess what Count Dracula – you’re going to have to wait just one more year :-)

This is a picture of the pumpkin mask that our very own "Count Dracula" made at school for Halloween.

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starry nights said...

loved the pics of the children all dressed up for Halloween. I think thats the best part. my kids would always dress up and it was fun because I would dress up and go with them.

@ said...

She looks lovely as Bella and he looks too kind to be Dracula :)
Nice pics - glad to know they had a good Halloween.

mommyof2 said...

awww.... both look so cute:-)

Appu just look like you:-)In few years you will look like 2 sisters instead of mom & dau:-)

And Abhay is such cute dracula:-)

my love to both cuties:-)

Jayashree said...

both of them look so cute....love the costumes.

Trupti said...

Very cute!!!

Sush said...

they are reallly sweeettt...

Twisted DNA said...

he he he. Count dracula is sweet. The yellow dress is beautiful too!