28 November, 2006

The Icecream Eraser

This happened a couple of days back. I realised only today that it had completely slipped my mind and that it had not been penned down.

A couple of days back, one fine afternoon saw Appu and Abhay having a tiff.

Over what ??

Of all the things – a pencil eraser !!

They were squabbling over an eraser which is shaped like a icecream cone. To be more specific – a cone with three scoops of icecream on it.

Appu, in a fairly desperate attempt to get Abhay to relinquish the eraser, told him

“Abhay see – there’s water on the eraser.”
“Oh Oh Abhay – the icecream is melting”

Apparently there had been a single droplet of water on the eraser then.

Not to be outdone, Abhay comes running over to me and says

“Icecream got a cold” and then adds a couple of “Acchooo” “Acchooo” – I guess just to make sure I got the message.

He then shows me the droplet of water on the eraser and says

“Icecream Mookila Chee Chee Irukku”

Translation : Icecream has got Chee Chee in its nose.

Whenever he has a runny nose, he goes around saying “Nose la Chee Chee”.

So now, the poor little icecream (I mean the eraser) has a cold.

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@ said...

man!! how does he come up with these brilliant one-liners each time :)

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the mad momma said...

honestly..its a good thing you blog or you would forget all these little gems!