13 November, 2006

I desperately need a haircut ..........

3rd November 2006

............. is the message Abhay tried to pass on yesterday.

We’ve been telling him for quite a while now that we would take him for a haircut but Project Haircut has just not fructified.

Yesterday, he found a paper scissor and came to me with the scissor and said “Go For Haircut”.

And to add emphasis to his point (Mom can be quite DUH, u know), he repeatedly put the paper scissor on his hair and went swish swish a few times, all the while repeating “Go For Haircut”.

Looks like Project Haircut will have to be undertaken real soon.

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the mad momma said...

oh for the brat to reach that stage!!!! I still have to snip off bits in his sleep and he wakes up looking like nothing on earth