27 November, 2006

Does water burp ?????

Today morning, when Abhay was in the bathroom for his shower, I was adjusting the water temperature. In the process, water was flowing from the tap and not the hand shower (as is normally the case).

Abhay was out-and-out fascinated by the water gushing out of the tap. He then proclaimed “That’s a waterfall” with a huge grin on his face and then proceeded to splash water all over, inside and outside of the bathtub.

Then, as he normally does, he asked me for the soap. “Please give me soap” “Please give me soap” he chanted.

With the soap in his hand, he again seemed to drift off into his own thoughts, all the while staring at the water, this time flowing out of the hand shower.

Then he asked me “Akkam Enge Vandhudhu ?” (that is to say “Where does water come from ?”)

I told him that water is created by Ummachi (God in baby language), as are so many other things around us.

“Akkam is the Ummachi ?” he asked

He was then distracted for a few minutes as we got his shampooing business over with.

We had finished Abhay’s shower and as I toweled him dry, he was watching the water running out of the bathtub with a lot of gurgling sounds.

He immediately said “Excuse me” which was immediately followed by an “Excused OK”.

I asked him “Why did you say Excuse Me ?”

He says “Akkam Burp Pannithu” with a very amused look on his face.

(Akkam Burp Pannithu = The water burped)

The gurgling noises as the water drained out of the bathtub had gotten associated with a Burp.

Whenever Abhay burps, we make it a point to tell him “You must say Excuse Me after you burp”

Since he has not heard water speaking till date, I presume he took it upon himself to say “Excuse Me” – on behalf of the water !!

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@ said...

hehehe :) what a creative and well-mannered kid!

the mad momma said...

LOL!! this child of yours is priceless....