13 November, 2006

Day, Month and Year

The normal routine in Abhay's school requires the kids to do the calendar every day. They have to say out loud "Today is Monday, 13 of November, 2006".

And this happens everyday.

The other day I was writing out numbers for Abhay to recognise and one of the numbers I had written down happened to be 2006.

And I got to hear the calendar recitation immediately.

Since he was so obviously thrilled about it, I obliged and wrote the numbers 2005, 2004 etc in random order for him to read.

I also slipped in the number 2000 - hoping to catch him on the wrong foot.

When he reached the number 2000, pat came the reply

"Two Thousand and Zero" !!

1 voice(s) said so:

Mahesh Subramanian said...

thats a really cute and funny reply..