23 November, 2006

Appu's quite enterprising .....

When Appu returned from camp on Friday, she declared camp a lot of fun. Apparently their camp had been a huge hit with the kids and a huge success.

She tried her hand (or should it be legs) with roller blades, played badminton, mini golf, enjoyed herself at the disco, was the first one to wake up in the morning – at sunrise (she kept emphasizing the “at sunrise” bit).

All in all, camp was a great success.

When these kids went off on camp, the school had said that we could send with the kids a maximum of Thirty HK Dollars in small change. That is, in case the kids wanted to buy something just for the pleasure of spending money and buying stuff. All the other necessities were already covered by the camp fee that the parents had to send over to the school directly.

We had sent money in a small purse with Appu too. Basically, these small situations give parents an opportunity to judge exactly how much value kids place on money and the spending power that comes with it.

When she got back from camp, by herself, she told me “All the money that I took with me to camp I’ve brought back. Cos there was nothing there that was interesting or useful enough for me to spend the money on”. And there were no regrets or an “Oh How I wish I had spent some money” attitude. She was pretty matter-of-fact about the whole thing.

Needless to say, we were quite pleasantly surprised.

The next day, she asked “The money which I did not spend and which I brought back after camp – Can I keep that as my pocket money ?”

Now we have been expecting this pocket money issue to start sometime soon and there it was.

She then went ahead and said “And from now on I don’t want you or Daddy to “give” me pocket money. I want to earn my pocket money.”

“Not Bad “, we thought.

“How do you intend to earn your pocket money ?” we asked her.

“I can do small jobs for you within the house and you’ll can pay me for it” she said.

Vic then told her that the idea is good and so is the initiative. But first and foremost, she has to make sure that she finishes all her studies and her violin practice etc first and the “jobs” come later. Of course, any “jobs” assigned to her and completed by her will definitely “earn” her a credit entry.

As an added incentive, if she practices her violin or her times tables by herself (without being prompted or chased), she does stand a good chance of having a credit entry marked in her passbook.

Yes, The Parent’s Bank has started maintaining a passbook for her.

Not a bad idea at all actually, judging by the fact that it came from someone who is soon going to be completing seven years of age and turning eight.

2 voice(s) said so:

the mad momma said...

excellent.. i am glad you have an older kid so that we know how to handle ours when the time comes..!

mommyof2 said...

good job Appu for not spending any money:-)It was ur test as parents too and u passed with flying colors:-) I think most parents expect something similar when it comes to their kids(bring the money back or spend very less:-)