18 November, 2006

Another parallel .....

Yesterday was a busy day.

In the morning, I had volunteered to go alongwith the teachers and children in Abhay’s class on a field trip. The kids were to visit a furniture shop, to further reinforce the topic that they are learning at school right now. Their topic right now is apartments, buildings, how homes are furnished, which room is used for what etc ….

In the afternoon, I was planning to go over to Appu’s school to fetch her back home.

In the morning, it was the usual hurry-burry routine. Vic was getting ready for work and I was getting ready for the field trip.

I was busy putting my eyeliner on and did not notice that Abhay was standing by the door, looking with rapt attention. When I did turn and look at him, he kind of gave me a shy smile as if to say “Ouch – I got caught”.

As I was putting the eyeliner on my second eyelid, he points to the eyeliner and says “Mehndi ??”.

When I answered in the negative, up came that now famous index finger and he says “That’s a Mehndi”.

I clarified it for him and told him “That’s Mummy’s eyeliner”.

He had been fascinated by the way I drew out the Mehndi patterns on Appu’s palms before Navratri this year. And he has seen Appu’s hand with the mehndi on, before she washed it off.

So, I guess, it was the thin, dark lines that brought about this association of the eyeliner with mehndi.

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