11 October, 2006

Yummy Ladders Through the Tummy ????!!!!!

There’s quite some “food talk” from Abhay nowadays.

They have birthday parties once a month at school – a day filled with goodies and of course, cake.

Yesterday, he was saying that one of his teachers had given him a candy. "Candy Thandha." he said.

A few days back, he had a small pack of Formula Milk with him when he left school. Some kind of ad gimmick courtesy the company which manufactures it, I’m sure but the kids seem quite enamored by all this.

The latest in the list of “food talk” is a BOWN CAKE. That is to say, they had a cake baking activity in their classroom. Apparently both their teachers baked a cake and of course, that day, during snack time, the kids had a special treat – the cake that had been baked in class.

He seems to like his teachers just that little bit more after this cake baking incident :-)

Cake Baking really seems to have taken the cake, figuratively.


Looks like the ladders to this guy’s heart are also being laid through his tummy :-))

2 voice(s) said so:

noon said...

Oh yes! There is truth to that I think!!
Bown cake - cute!

Appu said...

yes, it starts from a very young age.