23 October, 2006

While on the subject of books ........

............... here are two more books which Abhay loves.

"Time to Say Goodnight" - a book that Vic ordered through Amazon.com. A singsong rhyme urging a whole bunch of baby rabbits, baby birds to go to bed. Aside of the singsong text, what Abhay loves about this book is the illustrations in it. And I must say, the illustrations are indeed beautiful.

Fits Abhay to a "T" right now - cos he is in the process of extending and stretching the "start of his sleeptime". To cut a long story short, he does not want to sleep at night and will do anything to achieve that objective. "Anything" includes singing nursery rhymes, reciting days of the week, months of the year, tickling whoever happens to be nearby at that time .............

Even more fun is playing "turtle turtle" - that is, he picks up his pillow, lies down on his tummy, puts the pillow on his back and crawls around on his tummy, all the while claiming to be a turtle.

The other book he absolutely loves is "Cushy Butterfield". Cushy Butterfield (I find the name quite cute :-) is a little cow who makes excuses in order to avoid going to school - until her parents figure out what she really is upto .........

This is a book I borrowed from the library to read to him and he is quite taken by the name "Cushy Butterfield". And it is even cuter to hear Abhay saying it out aloud, cos he still cannot pronounce "SH".

It is quite commonplace to hear the little pipsqueak starting off on the book by saying

"Coooooooossssssssssseeeeeeee Butterfield"

It was while I was picking up some picture books from the library for Abhay that this thought crossed my mind - it seems like only yesterday that I was poring through picture books in the library to borrow - not for Abhay but for Appu.

Now, she has moved on to chapter books. Picture books are quite the thing of the past. She's now onto Junie B Jones' books by Barbara Park, books by Roald Dahl and the Mister Meddle series by Enid Blyton.

Next in line - one of the Famous Five books.

Happy Reading Kids !!!!

3 voice(s) said so:

Tharini said...

what a coincidence. Akhil loved this book too. I had reviews it sometime back.

@ said...

turtle turtle - what imagination :)
I think it is time for me to get the good night book - this is the second reco I've seen for it online!

starry nights said...

I remember when my daughter was into Junie b Jones books. time has gone by.soon it will be biigger books.