06 October, 2006

Just one of those days .........

It was Wednesday, the 4th of October 2006.

The day began innocuously enough ........

........ but as the events unfolded, it seemed like that day was destined to be one of those days when just about nothing goes right.

Quite bleary eyed, I went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for myself and ended up spilling quite a lot of water on the floor. Took a duster to mop the floor, whilst conveniently forgetting that the cup in my hand had some milk in it. No two guesses on what happened next ..... I had finished mopping the water when the milk spilt.

And that was just the beginning .......

By the time I got my coffee ready, both kids were up and about and like is normally the case, bedlam and pandemonium reigned supreme.

In the midst of all this I realised that I had not ironed out Abhay's school uniform the previous evening (that is the normal routine - uniform for the next morning gets ironed the previous evening).

Clatter Clatter Bang Bang and out came the ironing board from its usual resting place - though to be honest, in the middle of all the disarray and mess that the kids manage to create in the mornings (they seem to do it so naturally that it never ceases to amaze me), I had this crazy urge to just toss a thick bedsheet/quilt on the floor and put the uniform on top of that and iron it. Fortunately, wiser counsel prevailed and I decided to use the ironing board after all.

It was while I was ironing Abhay's T-Shirt that I noticed that the material was wearing a little too thin for comfort around the stitches. It was a small patch, tiny actually, but left that way, it would have widened into quite a irreparable defect. Off went Yours Truly, to get the emergency stitching kit. Find the kit I did but when the kit was opened to reveal its contents, the white roll of thread was missing. Great !! The white thread had gone back into the main stitching kit box ...... How ?? When ??? Whom ??? I did not stop to think.

Appu, in the meanwhile, was raking up a storm over her school diary, which was purportedly missing. Mummmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mummeeeeeeeeeeeee came a couple of piercing screeches which were threatening to move into the "bawling" category very soon. Found the diary we did - top priority - it was in the slot in which her art apron normally resides. Phew !!!! Peace reigned, albeit temporarily, or so I thought.

Mummmmeeeeeee !!! there it was again. If the diary is here then where is my apron ?? Oh Oh !!!

Did you not tell me a couple of days back that you left the apron in your box at school ?" I asked her ...

A sheepish look and a "Oh Yeah - I forgot" followed.

Finished off with the T-Shirt repair.

Went after Appu to pack her PE Kit. The PE uniform and PE shoes have to be carried to school in the PE bag and they change into their PE uniform in school just before PE.

Finally, Appu was off to school.

Phew !! One down, one to go !!! :-)

Got around to packing Abhay's school backpack and that was when I realised that one of the zippers of the bag had popped out. Tried to get the zipper back on track whilst muttering and grumbling to myself "only a month since we got the bag from school and things are falling apart already. What quality stuff do they supply ?"

Needless to say, this did not in any way help in getting the zipper back on track.

Handed the backpack over to Vic and while he was working on that, I went back to the living room to get Abhay ready for school.

It so happened that I had given him a bowl of cereals and while I left the room he had been studying it quite assiduously. And while I was away from the room he had just decided to pop the contents onto the dining table - to take a better look I presume !!!!!!!!!!

Hackles raised, "Tidy Up Abhay" came a scream from somewhere within me.

He gave me one look and fled to Grandma who had just gotten back from her morning walk.

When he realised that Mommy's bark is worse than her bite, he eventually did come back and we popped all the cereal back into the bowl.

Got him ready for school and went to get his white shoes from the shoe shelf and I found myself staring at a pair of white shoes which were way too big for Abhay.

Shook my head to clear the cobwebs that had formed due to the lack of my early morning dose of caffeine.

Nope !!

The shoes still remained large. They did not shrink !!! Not even a wee bit !!

Took a closer look and found the words "APARNA" staring back at me.

Oh Oh !!!! That, to me, spelt DOUBLE TROUBLE !!

Aparna had, by mistake, packed up Abhay's school shoes (which also happen to be white shoes) and taken them off to school with her. Which further meant that she would not have shoes to wear during PE and that Abhay would have to go to school in his other pair of sneakers - which happen to be dark blue/orange - quite a far throw from the school directive which said "white shoes".

Off we went, me and Abhay, to school and once there I got the backpack changed. The bell rang in the meantime and I found Abhay straining at my hand like a horse straining on its reins.

Finally we got another bag, transferred the contents of his backpack to the new one and off he went to his classroom.

Wow !! What a morning !!

The rest of the day, I have to say, was quite staid and sedate in comparison.

2 voice(s) said so:

starry nights said...

That was quite a morning you had.I hope you got to wind down the rest of the day.A very well written post.

k's mom said...

Oh My!
You are a superwoman, no doubt!
At least nobody was hurt in this tornado of a morning - good job :)