16 October, 2006

A creepy-crawly fascination !!

Children are fascinated by just about any creation of nature - at just about every given age - just that the object of fascination keeps changing.

So, it should not really have come as a surprise to find that the present subjects of Abhay's enthrallment are hmmm..... , putting it very mildly, quite repulsive.

I am referring to none other than the infamous cockroach.

I've heard of human beings having charisma, I've heard of human beings having that magnetism to them ................ but a cockroach with appeal !!!!!!!!!!

Early last week, he got back from school asserting quite confidently "I see a cockroach outside" ......... "I see a cockroach outside".........

"Outside.... where ??" got me no answers from him. The question was completely sidestepped, as is the case with a lot many more questions.

Just to make sure it was not a figment of his imagination, I asked him what colour the cockroach was and pat came the reply "Black".

To put his concept of big/small to test, I asked him whether the cockroach was big or small and pat came the reply "Beeeeg Cockroach".

Just sometime back, I found him kneeling with his nose apparently glued to the floor. And he was moving around as well, with the tip of his nose barely a few millimeters away from the floor. He seemed very taken by something.

When asked, "Ant Ikku (Irukku means it's there)" "Embu Ikku" he said.

Apparently this fascination with ants too has developed over the past 2-3 days.

I say this because I noticed yesterday night as well as the day before yesterday, once the lights are off and before he pulls his blanket on, he makes it a point to say ............

"Good Night Ant"

"Good Night Cockroach"

I sincerely hope that he restricts his interest in the insect world to his visual senses and that he does not attempt to bring "the sense of touch" into the picture.

Now, that's one pun too many !!

3 voice(s) said so:

itchingtowrite said...

eeck... for your sake hope the fascination does not continue -

Appu said...

yeah well. my son is just fascinated by mobile fones. he even takes a remote and says "alooo" into it. i thought it would pass, but i guess its here to stay

@ said...

oh welcome to a whole new world of insects :) I remember my cousin going through this phase - that never ended! He'd bring home bugs, worms, and all sorts of icky creatures so he could take care of them...not to scare you, but this might just be the beginning, so you better get used to the ick factor :)