05 October, 2006

Concept of "Teamwork"

Over the past two years, that is to say during her Primary One and Primary Two years, Appu used to get occasional homework. Nothing serious or extremely time consuming.

Since she began her Primary Three year, there has been a steady stream of homework. To make it interesting for the children, the Primary Three teachers have introduced the concept of "home projects".

The first of these projects was based on the five values of their school -

Pride, Respect, Work Smart, Responsibility and Teamwork.

The children were given the choice of making a poster based on one of these principles or designing a logo for each of the values or writing a sentence on each of the values.

Quite naturally, we left the choice to Appu.

She decided that she was going to work on a poster dedicated to TEAMWORK.

When she came and told me this, I asked her

"Can you tell me why you chose teamwork ?"

She thought for a couple of minutes and then said

"Cuz in team work, you see, you have to work together. So you and Daddy can help me too."

Thought provoking - Hmmmmmm.........

Convenient - OH YES !!!!!!!!!!

But I have to admit, she had a point.

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Hip Grandma said...

The girl is smart!!God bless her.

Franco said...
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