18 October, 2006

Biscuit goes to school ..................

.................... turned out to be a book which caused quite a bit of confusion yesterday. I was reading out the book to Abhay and like I normally do, I read the title of the book out aloud.

“Biscuit goes to school” I said.

There resulted a frown on that little face. There was a quizzical expression on his face as he looked at me. He did not say anything but that look prevailed.

I told him “Abhay – this little dog name is Biscuit”

“Dog Biscuit” came the reply.

I said “Not Dog Biscuit Abhay – this little Doggy’s name is Biscuit”

“Doggy Biscuit” came the reply.

(*Sigh*) This was going to be one long read after all.

I said more patiently than I actually felt “ Your name is Abhay, right ??”

“No” he said. “My name is Abhay”

I said “Yeah that’s what I said. Your name is Abhay”

“MY name is Abhay” came the reply zinging across to me.

Not wanting to add more confusing oil into the already confusing fire, I went back to the book and started over again, this time by saying

“This little doggy’s name is Biscuit”

I then asked Abhay “What’s the doggy’s name ?”

All I got was two little eyes staring back at me.

Annnh Aaaaannnhhhh !!!! He was just not buying this.

We read the story though, or rather I read it to him and he enjoyed it too – all the while pointedly referring to the little dog in the book as just “doggy” and not “Biscuit”.

That name, somehow, just did not gel in his mind.

Later in the afternoon, I’d given him a couple of chocolate chip cookies to eat while I got busy attending to some work on the phone.

Once I was through with my phone calls, I got back to the living room and found the cookies still on his plate, untouched. Now that is really something !! Cookies – untouched !!!

I also heard him muttering something. Got a bit closer without him realizing that I was there and there it was again …..

Abhay says “Abhay going to school.”

And then, after a pause, he says

“Biscuit going to school.”

Yay !!! I thought to myself and then saw him give the cookies on the plate a long, hard look. Then, he says ……..

“Cookies going to school ????”

Knowing Abhay, it was not really difficult to envision him having hallucinations and images of huge life size cookies and biscuits walking into school in the morning.

As we went over to school in the morning, I fervently hoped that there wasn’t any kid in his class named “Cookie” (quite a common name among the HK locals).

That would have really done it !!!!

4 voice(s) said so:

Tanushree said...

hi gauri...
kids are really sweet...you dont know...how far there imaginations can run...
anyways..take care...

@ said...

The poor darling!! He probably thinks grown-ups are weird to give such ridiculous names to pets...

That said, we have two stuffed doggies - Biscuit and Fudge - named by Yours Truly...

starry nights said...

That is so cute. innocent children with innocent thoughts.

Appu said...

hehehehe... i cant wait to see these things when my son grows up. seems good fun