04 September, 2006

Where did the music teacher go ???

When Appu's Primary Year Two Report came in from school, there was a remark on the report from their music teacher too. She had made a mention about Aparna being a "keen violinist" and had mentioned that she would very much like to see Aparna join the school's junior orchestra in her Primary Three year. Appu too, is very enthusiastic about doing so.

Of late, I mean over the past week or so, I've been telling her to speak to her music teacher about it. I had told her yesterday that I would very much like for her to approach her music teacher by herself.

And she told me that she would do that today.

I asked her a while back as to what happened and this is what she had to say

"Mummy - I did go looking for my music teacher. And after looking and looking and looking I did find her"

Mummy was listening very patiently .....

"And I was about to go and talk to her when I saw her going into the toilet. And you know what happened Mummy - she went into the toilet but she never came out."

Mummy has just one thing to say to that .......

That really is the Mother of all Excuses !!!!!!!!

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