12 September, 2006

Webtagged, yet again ..........

......... this time, by Kodi's Mom.

What is your basic writing style?

I really don’t know. And more importantly, I really don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, I enjoy writing and almost always it is an instinctive thing with me. Earlier, it used to be putting pen to paper, now it is the keyboard and the PC monitor. Once I start writing, it is almost as if my fingers have a life of their own.

What do you tend to express best?

Emotions !! - I find this very therapeutic too. A lot of emotions are “let out” and a lot of energy gets channelised very constructively and creatively.

Real Life Narrations – of what actually happened during a particular time frame. Again, I just need to re-run the film reel inside of my head and the words and sentences form automatically and get recorded and documented.

What do you find hard to accomplish?

At times, when I read what I have penned down, I realise that I need to avoid using language which might require the person reading my pennings to have a dictionary on hand.

Again, use of “big” words is something that happens unconsciously – cos when I write, I just go with the flow of things rather than stop and contemplate at each and every stage of writing.

How long do you take over compiling a post?

Depends on how much of uninterrupted PC time I get. A lot of times during the day, my brain is simply buzzing with incidents/episodes which just “have to be” penned down. On an average, with no interruptions, a solid post takes me about 15-20 minutes to pen down.

Do you feel the urge to make a post every day or at least every other day, because you enjoy blogging, or do you post only when there is something definite to say?

I most definitely feel the need to post everyday.

For the most part, I started blogging to commit the innocent rejoinders that my kids come up with, to paper as it is virtually beyond the realm of possibility to commit the entire thing to memory.

As far as I’m concerned, their childhood antics, their absolutely childlike and pure ripostes are priceless keepsakes. Souvenirs that will last a lifetime.

And for this very reason, I would like to pen down as many of them as possible, as they happen.

Do you work on multiple posts at a time saved as drafts, or do you work single-mindedly from post to post?

I work from post to post. No two ways about that one.

Any particular time of day or night that you generally post during? And while at work or from home?

Like I said earlier, whenever I manage to get uninterrupted PC time. The rest of it just happens.

I blog from home. Like my profile says, I'm a "stay at home mom".

Has blogging helped you in anyway? If so, how?

Blogging is addictive. The difficult part, as is almost always the case, is getting around to starting a blog. And once I got started, I’ve turned into a blog buff.

Like I said earlier, it is very enjoyable and satisfying. Extremely rewarding and gratifying is the thought that it is all being recorded for posterity.

Then, there is the added satisfaction of knowing that our kids’ grandparents will totally and thoroughly enjoy reading every word – especially the kids blog – cos they are not able to be physically part of Appu and Abhay’s orb – their cosy bubble, their tranquil sphere.

And of course, needless to say, motivation in the form of comments left on the blog. I mean, who does not like compliments ?? And it kind of spurs you on ……

How long have you been blogging?

Since July ‘06.

I tag Boo and Has To Be Me.

5 voice(s) said so:

itchingtowrite said...

hi. 1st time on your post. liked your narratives on your cute kid. and yes- your rage at the people in teh school is justified- they have been entrusted to look after them. and also make sure they eat up their lunch box.
also liked the way your kid requested you to take him to the park during school time. may be once in a blue moon such requests can be complied with - take a break?? what say? i esp take extra pleasure in going for shopping on a week day- playing the truant adds to the fun

Has to be me said...

Simple & honest tag Gauri.

I m also like u with emotions! It nice to be expressive with them & let them come out!

Shall take it up but after sometime okie?! :)

Anonymous said...

Had a question for you,Gauri....its to you b'coz you are a mother of 2 (like me).
Do you feel sometimes that you tend to write more about the younger kid just b'coz your blog readers have kids of around that age? They relate better.
-I tend to do that many a times and this also makes me feel that I'm unknowingly concentrating a little more on one kid.

Did you do all the same things for both kids at that particular age.
- I wrote a baby book for my older one but not doing it for the younger. On the other hand, I have been paying attn to more minor things with the younger one. (its happening more b'coz of reading the bloggers post :-)) )

Do you empathise to these situations?

BTW, I have been reading your blog and many other tagged blogs but yours seems most realistic and I think very very honest. KEEP IT UP!!

@ said...

thanks for picking this up!
I love how you paint poetic pictures with words (eg: "cozy bubble, tranquil sphere") - and it is even more wonderful that it spurs spontaneously :)
Keep 'em coming!

Gauri said...

Hi !!

itchingtowrite : Welcome !! I liked what you said about taking extra pleasure in playing truant. It would work maybe later on - not as of now cos he is just getting used to the concept of school and spending fixed hours there. Don't want to send out mixed signals :-)

Has to be Me : Glad that you're taking up the tag. At your pace, at your time - no probs :-)

Anonymous : I tend to write more about my younger one cos he is at an age where innocence abounds.

With my elder one, I am more careful about what I publish and what I don't. There are a lot of gaffes with her too but I kind of sift through it before deciding on what to pen down.

Mainly because of the value and deference, which, I feel we have to give them - basically respecting their individuality and their sense of being a "separate entity".

And as far as doing the same stuff for both of them at the same age goes - we have loads and loads of video tapes of our elder one :-))
Every little thing .... but I sincerely doubt if we even have 1/10th the amount of tape devoted to the younger one :-)

And I have not maintained baby books for either of them. I know of a lot of really committed moms who have painstakingly maintained a few hairs from the baby's first haircut, the first nail clippings etc - I'm just not one of them :-)

And last but definitely not the least, thanks a ton for the compliments :-)

@ : Thanks a lot dear :-)