06 September, 2006

Want another book ......

..... is a request oft heard from Abhay these days. So much so that I'm used to it now. It does not seem like an incredulous thing any more. Another one of those things that one just gets used to over a period of time.

There used to be this time when I used to get so frustrated with him because nothing - absolutely nothing - could hold his attention for more than a few minutes. Not even books - or rather I should say - least of all, books !! He was akin to a bee - forever buzzing about, always "on the go".

I used to fret and fume over this many a times and at times, he used to drive me nuts to the extent of making me wonder if at all he would be able to increase his attention span and "lock in" onto something that would keep him occupied for a while.

It has happened slowly but steadily. And it has kind of crept up on me.

He is now soaking up books like a sponge soaking up water. One book after another after another. The moment he finishes one book, he looks up with that look of earnest expectancy on his face and says "want another book" or sometimes it is "i bing (bring) another book ?".

There is also this need to get to know things - what it is, what it does, how so ?? The other day, I found a worm on a bunch of long beans and before turning the worm into fish food by popping it into the aquarium, I showed the worm to Abhay - who was absolutely fascinated by the squirmy, wiggly creature. As far as he was concerned, that was the ninth wonder of the world !! Period !!

The sun, the moon, the stars - were the scope of his erstwhile knowledge about our galaxy. This has now given way to the entire solar system. He knocked the breath out of me a couple of days back when he turned to the solar system page on "MY FIRST ENCYCLOPAEDIA" which Appu had been reading and had left on the writing table. He looks at me and then points out to the illustration of the sun and the planets and launches off into "Thats Jupiter, Thats Saturn ............." - the whole cluster - without a break, without any trace of self-doubt and absolutely right on the dot. Best part - the whole thing was done in a very "matter of fact" manner.

He is a constant barrage of questions nowadays - salvo after salvo - with his now famous "what's that ?" and "What's this ?".

Sometimes it does result in an overload as well :-)

The other day, by mistake, Appu put on the wrong channel on the TV. It happened to be the traffic channel and there was a huge backlog of traffic near one of the cross harbour tunnels. And Abhay goes "What's that ?" Instead of telling him that a car, thats a van blah blah .... I ended up saying "That's traffic". Traffic, traffic - he kept repeating. Appu, deciding to do her bit, piped in, "Abhay that's a traffic jam". "Jam ??" he squeaked. He associates the word "Jam" with the one spread on bread. The incident passed off without much of ceremony.

Today he saw the bottle of jam (the bread kind of jam) on the dining table and points to that and says "That's a jam". When I responded in the affirmative he goes "Where's the traffic ?".

That's the question !!

Answers anyone ????

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Has to be me said...

Hi Gauri,
First time here & I loved ur blog & nice to note abt ur kids. Readin this post I've a renewed hope on my son (who is close to 3.5 yrs!) I can also barely make him to concentrate on anything. But he grasps things fast. How old is Abhay? And appu?

LOL@ the traffic jam! Ya our kids never seem to amaze us.

And ur pookalam is lovely! Well done!


Gauri said...

Hi "Has to be me"

Welcome !!

Yeah - kids never cease to amaze us, do they ? :-)

Appu's almost 7 and Abhay 3 1/4.

Hope to see your around often.



k's mom said...

Sure put you in a jam, didn't it? ;-)

Nice blog, and cool pictures!

Gauri said...

Hi K's mom

Welcome :-)

Been reading your blog to for quite a while now.

Kodi sounds like a real chweetie pie :-)

Keep the Kronicles coming !!