19 September, 2006

Treehouses, Swimming Pools, Swings ........

....................... sounds like I'm describing a park does it - the large kind of amusement park that attracts kids like flowers attract bees !!

Nope !!!

I'm describing a makeover that the playground in Appu's school might possibly undergo.

Yesterday, when she got back from school, she was bursting with excitement.

We're gonna (please note - it is not "going to" but "gonna") have swings, treehouses and a swimming pool at school. Yaaaayyy !!!! Wowieeeee !!!

And any word starting or ending with the "sss" sound is now particularly funny, coming from Appu, because there is that hiss of air "ssssss" from the gap on her lower jaw - resulting from the absence of the two central incisors.

When asked "Where are they going to fit all that in ?" she remarked

"No No - First we're going to have to write to the principal about it and then he will decide whether to put them on the playground or not to".

Looks like a lot of changes in the offing - newly designed playgrounds, new uniforms, newly introduced system of education .............

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Hunky Dude said...

:-/...i hate my school principal...
never thought of dat!