26 September, 2006

To or Not To ??

There's this other thing I've been noticing about Abhay since he started school.

He seems to be striving for the "Mr.Independent" Title.

No No - I'm not complaining here, but at times this streak of his does pose a dilemma.

Come morning - he wants to brush his teeth by himself. Oh Yeah - Sure - Mommy does not mind - as long as he is willing to hand over the toothbrush to Mommy after he finishes his round of "brushing" so that Mommy can "brush" his teeth "properly".

Wants to go to the bathroom and "wee" by himself - Oh Great - thought Mommy - until she realised that the "wee" does not all go where it is intended to. Some of it ends up on the footstool too (at times). Part of Mommy says - let him go on his own if thats what he wants - he'll learn. The panicky part of Mommy says "Good Lord what if he slips and falls down in the bathroom."

Insists on taking his clothes off by himself, of course. He's mastered the "taking off the Tshirt" bit. The vest is still a slightly sticky customer. He still insists on doing it by himself. Today afternoon he was walking/stumbling/tripping all over the house with his arms up in the air and his vest caught somewhere between his shoulders/arms/head (he has a big head and that just serves to compound the situation). I lost count of the number of times he almost - just almost - ran/banged into things before he finally managed to get his vest off - all by himself, of course.

Climbing up the long stairway home from school - he behaves like Mimosa Pudica. Wants to climb up all the way - all by himself.

Climbing down the stairway to school from home - Fortunately - given the number of steps on the stairway - the Mimosa Pudica syndrome has not yet set in.

Crossing the road - Mommy puts her foot down and insists that he hold her hand. Feathers do get a little ruffled but Mommy says "nothing doing - no crossing the road on your own".

Taking shoes and socks off - the moment he gets home from school or from the park he goes "take you soos (he still cannot pronounce "sh" - he still says "sss") off, take your socks off" and immediately comes the addendum "don't want help"

Drinking milk - he insists on pouring out the milk from the big glass into his small one by himself. Again "dont want help".

Washing his hands - previously he used to stand on the footstool and wash his hands but of late, he just clambers up onto the wash basin ledge and plonks on the ledge quite precariously. Again the Mimosa Pudica Syndrome if anyone tries to help or even tries to steady him on the ledge.

Shower time - have to be extremely careful as he goes ahead and just opens up the taps in full flow and if the hot water tap gets opened into the "full flow" mode the water that gushes out of the showerhead is super duper hot !!

Eating - insists on spooning food into his own mouth - all by himself. And the pace at which food goes in, one bowl of rice would well last over three days.

We do firmly believe that children should not really hang on to their parents' coattails for ever. But some of the above situations are quite hazardous.

Question is - whether to just let him take the lead as regards this "all by myself" attitude or to let caution rule (in some situations - not all).

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I'm not yet qualified to answer that! But I wanted to say it is cute and adorable to hear of how he's asserting his independence (and how he says 'soos')...next thing you know he'll be picking out his own clothes, packing his own lunch, driving himself...oh wait - thats several years away ;0)