14 September, 2006

The Second Tooth Falleth Too....

............. Today !!!

Now the Tooth Fairy better come visit !! Else there's going to be hell to pay ....

Like I said in my earlier post, that length of thread worked its magic. Loosened the second central incisor to such an extent that today morning I sincerely wondered if it was just going to go "bungee jumping" - without a bungee.

Annhh Annhhh !!

Not an adventurous tooth - from what I could see. It just stayed put till Appu got home from school.

Now we have two little pearly white teeth on display (not for the public but have to keep it for the tooth fairy :-)

What if she decides to ask for evidence ??

And as I looked at the second tooth which had left its gummy base today, I could not help but feel a sense of awe.

Mother Nature takes care of everything, does she not ???

Right from the time a baby is conceived - I mean, just imagine - putting together all the complex organs in all the right places, making them work, coordinating the whole symphony, orchestrating the entire thing in a space of a mere nine months ................. and the wonder continues ............

The milk teeth, unlike their permanent counterparts, have no roots per se. Yet, they are resilient enough to take n number of batterings from hard boiled candies, peanut brittles, lollipops and what have you. And when it is time for the milk teeth to say "Goodbye" Mother Nature starts the process by making the tooth wiggle.

This very same Mother Nature that we take for granted Day In and Day Out.

We take for granted that hands are meant to write, to pick up things, legs are meant to transport us from place to place by walking or running, ears are meant to hear, eyes are meant to see, noses are meant to smell, tongues are meant to taste .............. not once do we ever spare a thought about Mother Nature who is constantly at work, making us function, making us what we are.

Mother Nature -

Out of sheer Respect, Admiration and Marvel -

I Bow to Thee !!!!

4 voice(s) said so:

itchingtowrite said...

nice one. a toast of fresh, unpolluted, pure water in the honour of mother nature

Hunky Dude said...

yep...wud luv to see little apps sans those 2 teeth...they do look cute...kinda reminded of ma niece when she lost her first tooth...miss freakin' her out sayin' that similarly she gonna lose all her teeth like that and none of 'em aint comin' back either!...the poor thing used to run to ma sis cryin' n askin' whether that's true...miss ma sweet lil' devil!

noon said...

yes so true. I think about this too - what a marvel it is - from conception to birth to the adult stages to even higher levels of cognition,thought,creativityand what not - so much that could go wrong and yet so many millions of people/creatures are all so perfect and beautiful...it is so unbelievable - the power of nature can leave you spell bound if you think about it. Seeing a child from the new born stage onwards really puts you in close touch with the marvel of creation.

the mad momma said...

oh mother nature is wonderful... was just thinking of it yesterday. am 13 weeks pregnant and my babycentre mail pointed out that "If you're having a girl, she now has approximately 2 million eggs in her ovaries." The baby is 3 inches and nature has already made her into a little woman (if its a girl!)

again.. i think it takes motherhood to teach you to stop and appreciate nature!