05 September, 2006

School today ....

School today was better, as compared to the earlier two days. For one, I had been telling Abhay all along that today I would drop him off at school at 9 am and would be back only at 12 noon to fetch him and take him back home.

Yes - full day (i.e 3 hours) at school today.

We went over to school in the morning around 8.50 am and today there wasn't really any hesitation on his part. He went into the class by himself as I just stood on the doorstep. After going into the classroom, he seemed kind of lost. No - let me change that - once he gets to school he does get lost. Sort of yet to come to terms with school and all that comes along with it.

Both his teachers said "Good Morning Abhay" - Ah Annhhh - Abhay was still lost.

One of his teachers prompted him to put his backpack into his designated cubby. Still no response. She then had to lead him to the shelf and help him take his bag off and she helped him put it into the cubby.

Mummy said "Bye Abhay - I'll see you at twelve o clock OK sweetie". No response - Abhay even refused to look at Mummy.

She then took him over to the toyshelf and asked him whether he would like to play with any of the toys there. Still no response. I guess after about three tries, she went ahead and gave him a tub of blocks to play with.

He plonked on one of the little chairs with the tub in front of him on the table. But he was making no attempt to even touch it.

I peeped into the class (I'd been hiding outside all along and peeping very furtively into the class just to see how or what he was doing) and found him sitting on the chair with the toy tub in front of him, right royally looking lost.

When I went to school at noon to fetch him, he was sitting on the chair with his backpack on his shoulders - all set to go home. The teacher had to call out to him 4 times before it even registered that she was calling out to him. When he saw me at the door, waving out to him, he came running out of the classroom with a smile on his face. Yes - a smile on his face !! :-)

When we were coming out of the school, he tried his level best to sniffle and get some tear drops to fall but the tears seemed just as stubborn not to. He finally gave up trying to cry.

He absolutely refuses to talk about school and I believe he refuses to talk at school too. That, I guess, prompted his teacher to ask me today "Does he speak ?".
She said "He's not said a word over the past three days".

I guess he needs to settle down and that was precisely what I told her. There were not many tears today but the little guy is still pretty unsettled and the concept of school is yet to sink in.

To answer your question G - when I went to fetch him from school yesterday - he sulked !! And was sulking for quite a while after that :-))

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mommyof2 said...

Gauri, just to let you know that your these posts about Abhay's school days are giving me courge to look for school for A.

And I think Abhay is doing great if he didn't cry after the 3rd day.