23 September, 2006

A Remarkable Quandary

Appu loves to "mehendify" (that's a Appuism) her palms. Since Navrathri begins today, we decided to have a mehendi session for Appu yesterday.

She was all hyped up and excited about having her hands "mehendified" (as she called it).

I was actually planning to "mehendify" both her hands yesterday evening. That had been the initial plan. Just as I was getting the mehendi cone ready, Appu comes up to me and says "Can we mehendify just one hand today ?" In fact, she was quite insistent about it.

Not that I had a problem with applying mehendi on just one hand, but the fact that I was quite curious about the reasoning behind her wanting mehendi on just one hand at a time.

When I asked her what the reason was, she said

"You see Mummy - it is like this."

"If you mehendify both my palms today then it is going to be a problem".

I was, by now, expecting the usual answer about what would happen if she needed to visit the loo. But then, I knew from past experiences that even if she had mehendi only on one hand, she would still need help in the loo. So then, there was a little question mark inside my head too.

Prompting her to go on with her explanation, I said "Yeah Appu, go on, I'm listening"

She says

"See mummy - now if I have mehendi on both my palms and suddenly if I feel like sneezing, what am I going to do ?"

"I cannot sneeze without covering my mouth and if I cover my mouth and nose with my mehendified palms then after I sneeze, there would be germs all over my palms"

"And ..... because I have mehendi on my palms, I would not be able to wash my hands"

"Now I cannot sneeze without covering my mouth cos you've always told me to cover my mouth when I sneeze"

"And you've also told me that I have to wash my hands if I use them to cover my mouth when I sneeze".

"So if you apply mehendi only on one palm today, I'll try to use the other palm only to cover my mouth while sneezing. "

"No - actually I'll try not to sneeze, but if I cannot stop it then ............"

"That's why ........"

I was plain stumped !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had this totally insane urge to say "Thank You Appu, for the explanation" :-))

So we did go ahead and mehendify just her right palm yesterday.

Mehendification of the left palm is scheduled for today afternoon.

Come to think of it, what she said was absolutely right.

It was indeed a significant dilemma !!!

Oh........... and, By the Way .........................

No - she did not sneeze !!!!!!!

6 voice(s) said so:

itchingtowrite said...

very well mehendified. & the reasons for only 1 hand being so was well thought out. btw loved the paintings in the previous post too

Gauri said...

Hi Itchingtowrite (Am gonna call u ITW from now on - okie)

Tks for the compliments on Abhay's paintings and on the mehendification :-))

This was my first attempt at applying mehendi with a cone. Normally I take Appu to a professional to get the mehendi done.

The left palm has een "mehendified" too. Shall post pics later.

@ said...

Ah! an analytical mind :)
And a pretty design on her hand..good job, Gauri.
Oh, I miss mehendi so much...Can you mehendify my hand too? ;) ;)

itchingtowrite said...

btw, i love wafers & i always think of them as "paper biscuits" nowadays

Gauri said...


Sure - why not ?? Want to come over to HK ???

the mad momma said...

the mehendi as well as the explanation are both excellent!