19 September, 2006

Makeover of the crayons

Abhay has gotten into a weird habit of late. He loves to go peel peel peel on the paper that covers crayons. Almost as if he likes the crayons to be proudly displaying the colours they stand for.

When he sits and starts peeling off the paper covering of the crayon - he personifies the words diligence and industriousness - and displays an enormous amount of patience - a virtue that we thought was virtually non-existent in him.

I've heard of selective perception but selective application of virtues - hmmm ............ that's a new one !!!

Today, he was at it again once he got back from school. And when he glanced up from his "difficult and time consuming task on hand", he saw Mummy paying rather rapt attention to the ongoing activity.

Before I could ask him what he was doing he says "Crayon la chee chee irukku" (there's dirt on the crayon).

And as if to drive his point home, he took two more crayons out of his pencil box and set them out on the writing table. One crayon had been stripped of its paper covering whilst the other crayon had managed to escape Abhay's dogged persistence (for how much longer I know not).

He points to the crayon without the paper covering and says "Idhu GooBoy (good boy) crayon" and then points to the crayon with the paper cover and says "Idhu BaBoy (bad boy) crayon".

Wow !! Talk about convenient perspectives !!!

4 voice(s) said so:

Tharini said...

he he....I wud believe him if I were you. Cute statements like that deserve full recognition. :)

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Thanks for linking me ! :)

mommyof2 said...

:-) almost all the crayons are naked in my house too:-)))

@ said...

he likes the crayons to be proudly displaying the colours they stand for.
As crayons should be :)
Now, he's got me thinking about why Crayola and other even clothe the crayons....hmmm...