13 September, 2006

The First Tooth Falleth ........

Yes !!!!!!!!!!!

A much and very eagerly awaited event – the culmination of which, took place yesterday evening.

Appu’s milk tooth fell. One of the central incisors on the lower jaw.

The tooth had been wiggling for a long time now and none of us took it that seriously - not seriously enough for us to consider turning “tooth felling” into a zeal.

That is to say, not until the permanent tooth took matters into its own hands (??!!). It decided to cut through the gum anyways – milk tooth present or milk tooth absent.

That was when we got fired up too and Project Toothfall began to take shape.

The milk tooth was subjected to a lot of waggle and wiggle, twist and jiggle – but it just stayed put.

Do stubborn kids have stubborn teeth ???? Direct proportion theory at work here ????

Then a length of thread was brought into play. While this did not help the tooth in question much, it did end up loosening the tooth next to the one in question.

After a lot of complaints, grievances and gripes from Appu about how unmerited and unreasonable this seemingly obsessive behaviour of ours was - for wanting that tooth out as pronto as possible…………… the tooth in question finally let go of its gummy foundation.

Funny, is it not ??

When they are babies, we wait for our babies to cut their teeth. A mom is often heard saying “Oh – according to the developmental milestones listed in many of the baby books that I read, my baby should have cut atleast a couple of teeth by now. There’s no sign of any.”

I’ve had these thoughts myself – with the younger one who cut his milk teeth very late. While many babies his age had cut all four of their central incisors and would promptly display their pearly white teeth sticking out of their gums, our little fella would be extremely liberal with plentiful "toothless" grins :-))))))))))

And when they grow up a little, we wait anxiously and earnestly for that very same tooth to fall out.

Like Phyllis Diller once said,

We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up.

Full of contradictions, are we not ??????????!!!!!!!!!

6 voice(s) said so:

Hunky Dude said...

Whoa whoa whoa...what about the tooth fairy?!?!?!...the hunk waitin' for the dope!

k's mom said...

When they are babies, we wait for our babies to cut their teeth.
I know!!!! Here I am waiting for the past four months for tooth #5 to show up....
full of contradictions, indeed :)

The Inquisitive Akka said...

I was just about to ask about the tooth fairy and I see the hunky dude beat me to it :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!I shall be a regular visitor too!!

Gauri said...

akka : welcome !!

Gauri said...

Hey Hunky Dude

Tooth Fairy is on her way. Got a lot many kids in our apartment complex to visit - from what I see :-)

Hunky Dude said...

yep...lemme know...bet she is cute! :-)