20 September, 2006

Enna Pannarai Ni ??? (What are you doing ???)

I had some work to do, on the upper shelves of the wardrobe yesterday.

Now, I most definitely cannot stake claim to being tall. Quite the contrary !!! I have the noteworthy distinction of being the shortest person in the entire household (among the adults I mean) - something that the "entire household" never stops reminding me of :-)

Anyways, enough of the detour and coming back to the point .....

yesterday I was busy arranging the pajamas neatly on the top shelves. Lazy that I am, I did not bother to go get the ladder from its resting place, although the ladder has been resting there for quite some time and is busy gathering dust.

So, in lieu of the ladder, I pulled out one of the dining chairs (sounds like absolutely unpardonable and unacceptable behaviour - I know) and climbed on it and was busy sorting out and arranging the pajamas, extra towels etc...

The kids were busy playing in their bedroom and after a while, their voices, their vocalizations and dialogues began to form a steady but comfortable drone, a kind of a comfy hum which was playing in my head around the periphery.

Suddenly I heard a small voice pipe "Enna pannarai ni ??? Keezhe Erangu !!!" in a voice that I can only describe as authoritative.

It was Abhay !!

I froze - absolutely froze !!!! Froze out of disbelief !!

Could that sentence have been aimed at me ?? Was it at all possible ??

When I turned around slowly (still situated atop my lookout post), I saw no one in our bedroom.
Waited around for a couple of seconds and still waited while the seconds stretched out into a couple of minutes ............ and sure enough, the impish face peeped out of the next bedroom with that now familiar cheeky smile on his face.

I could not help but burst out laughing at the sheer irony of the situation. Normally, when Abhay tries to climb on to the shoe shelf, I'm the one who says "Enna Pannarai Ni ??? Keezhe Erangu !!".

Yesterday, while I had been busy with my work, he had slowly started to climb on his small sitting stool and then he would get down from the stool, stand in front of the mirror in the kids' room, look at himself in the mirror and say "Enna Pannarai Ni ? Keezhe Erangu !".

This monologue was the culprit. It was this monologue of his which had me frozen and rooted for a few seconds.

So there - that was not aimed at me but what a coincidence it was !!!!

A shade too close for comfort actually :-))))

7 voice(s) said so:

itchingtowrite said...

can imagine how u'd hav laughed to urself

Hunky Dude said...

hehe...imagine the dude...lookin' at himself in the mirror n sayin' keezhe erangu!...me laughing too!

@ said...

very funny! good to see Abhay keeps you in check...even from the other room, even while busy admiring himself :)

Hip Grandma said...

very cute!!!give him a hug from me

Twisted DNA said...

Haha. I have the same problem. My kid just imitates whatever I do. One day I forgot the kid was watching me and threw some water into the sink from about 4 feet to the sink. Now its' my kid's favorite activity. He stands about 4 feet from the sink and "tries" to threw water into the sink and obviously all the water lands one foot from where he is standing.

the mad momma said...

absolutely right!!! how dare you stand on chairs when there are smaller humans around who enjoy it so much more than you!!!

The Inquisitive Akka said...

What goes round comes round :) That was SO cute!