12 September, 2006

Dopey (*sigh*) Dopey ....

This happened when me and Abhay were coming back home from school on Friday (08 Sep). We had reached the flight of stairs and were just beginning to climb up the stairs.

I had already handed over his water bottle to him. So he had his backpack on – he insists on the backpack being on his shoulders and the water bottle was carefully clasped between both his little palms.

ABAIIIIII, ABAIIIII – I heard a voice calling out aloud.

Abhay, in the meantime, was more intent on quenching his thirst.

ABAAIIII – came the voice yet again, this time more insistent.

This time around, curiosity got the better of thirst or maybe his thirst had been partially quenched – enough to let his brain concentrate on other stimuli in his surroundings as well.

We turned around to find a little girl running towards us.

She came running up the steps to where we stood and ran her hands on both sides of his face. I could have simplified this sentence by saying “ran her hands on his cheeks” but then decided to be specific – else I have a strong feeling that I would be at the receiving end of a great many questions.

Then she says “I gib you candy”.

Candy – Omigosh !! The Magic Word !!

Immediately, he pushes the water bottle into my hands and says “Akkam Peeyum” (Abhayism for Akkam Porum – aka – I’ve had enough water).

He then took the candy from the little girl (whose name, BTW, I am yet to find out).

While he was looking the candy up and down, those “other pair” of little hands were running over his head and she pipes

“Abbaaii – this my jacket (tugging at her jacket). "

“Abbaaii – this my hairkip (hairclip in “What’s her name ISM)”

By then, her mom came over and we all said Bye and they went down the stairs just as we went up the stairs.

Why have I not said a word about Abhay’s reaction ??

Simply because, putting it very simply, it was a personification of what we used to simply call him during his babyhood days.


He had a Dopey look on his face with both his Dopey eyes as big as saucers with a Dopey grin to match !!

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Hunky Dude said...

Hehehe....n its only kindergarten as yet....Abhay,the chix r quite fast these days...go with it man...remember bad boys have all the fun!