01 August, 2006

Yay !! The carpet comes out of hibernation

The living room carpet had gone into hibernation when Abhay's potty training began (which is to say quite a while back).

The things we've had to do to keep Abhay at bay .....

1. The carpet was folded and packed up - for fear of it being watered by Abhay when it did not need any watering.

2. The coffee table (whose rightful place is in front of the sofa) had to be moved in front of the glass display case to prevent Abhay from opening the glass doors and laying his hands on the fragile items within.

3. The coffee table was turned around before it was placed in front of the display case cos the coffee table has a small pull out kind of storage unit and of course Abhay had all that figured out.

4. The tissue box was kept at a safe height - so as to prevent him from tearing off small pieces and rolling them up and stuffing them wherever convenient - read nose, ears etc ..... if not any of those he surely would taste the tissue. It has happened before - he rolled a tiny piece of tissue and stuffed it up his nose. Fortunately I could pull it out using a tweezer and sure enough he found it funny !!

10th of June 2006 (I remember the date cos it was our 12th wedding anniversary :-)) and Abhay thought of something unique

He somehow managed to lay his hands on a tiny bit of thermocol and stuffed it up his right nostril. And this time around it was so high up that it could not be pulled out. He was generally walking around snorting like a horse and we were at our wit's end.

We tried everything - nasal drops, vaseline, sadistic as it may sound - we even tried spraying water (little bit - I'm not talking a firehose here) but that little piece of thermocol was determined to stay put - just as determined as its host was to keep it there. I even had this absolutey bizarre, outlandish idea of getting him to smell some pepper powder in an effort to get him to sneeze. Talk about inducing sneezes. It did sound tempting then. Finally did nothing of that sort though.

And as appalling or inexcusable as it may sound, it stayed there for 2-3 days before it finally popped out when he had a sneezing bout.

End of Detour

5. No metal objects lying around - especially the slim ones - given his penchant for plug holes and sockets.

Today, after more than a year, the carpet is back where it rightfully belongs - in the living room.

We do dare move the coffee table away from the doors of the display case (though it has not yet been parked in front of the sofa) cos even if he does open the case (he normally does not) he just kind of takes a census of the objects within

Thats a elephant
Thats a globe
Thats a tortoise etc etc

and then either goes off hunting for some new pursuit or if he has at all opened the doors, he closes it with a fairly beatific smile on his face.

Only we know how dangerous that beatific smile is !!!

Anyways, slowly, home is beginning to look like a human habitat again :-))))))

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Anonymous said...


Tanvi did something like that a year ago. She kept chana in her both nostrils. Can u imagine in her both. first i thought it must be one, so me & mil have to hold her & remove with plucker. after a half an hour, she tells me that mommy, it's pains in my another nostrils, i try to remove, nothing works. So we have to forceily do it agian.

sometimes, she tells me that i will put chana in my nose, i tell her that go ahead. -- bijal