03 August, 2006

An unexpected visitor

Yesterday night, we had an unexpected visitor at home. I had already put the kids mattresses out and the pillows etc.. and they were goofing around when I excused myself and went into the bathroom in the master bedroom. I put the light on, went in and it was all I could do to stop myself from screaming. I was absolutely petrified when I looked into the bathtub. There was a huge centipede - atleast about 6 inches long - running helter skelter inside the bathtub.

Finally, with my eyes still fixed on it, I called out to my MIL. She stood guard over it while I got the canister of RAID. In the meantime, the two imps must have realised that there was something going on and they came barging out of their bedroom. Both got into the bathroom and they too saw the centipede scuttling around in the bathtub. Abhay's eyes had gone as wide as saucers and a second later started chanting "Whats that ? Whats that ? What's that ?"

Appu, in the meantime, was quite unsuccessfully trying to count the number of legs on the centipede. And I heard "Why can't it stay still for just one minute ?" .

RAID took effect in all of 20 minutes - yeah - it took that long for the centipede to succumb.

Appu and Abhay had gone off into the bedroom. By the time we flushed the dead centipede down the toilet and washed off the bathtub, they were as usual tickling each other and cavorting around.

I just could not get my the image out of my mind.

As far as the query "Who was the most scared living being in the house yesterday ?" goes, the answer could have been one of the two below

1) Me


2) The Centipede

Disclaimer : The picture posted above is not that of the centipede which paid us a visit yesterday. I posted the picture of a centipede just for the visual impact.

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