07 August, 2006

Table Tennis at the clubhouse

We did make a booking at our clubhouse for Table Tennis on Sunday (06Aug2006). Went over slightly early - a few minutes to six. There was another family in there.

Once they were through we started off. Practiced for about 5 minutes cos I am woefully out of touch. It has been more than 7 years now. Me and Vic used to play TT quite regularly before Appu was born but since then I haven't gone anywhere near a TT table.

Then we started off having games - first game - I got royally drubbed. Vic won 21-6.

Second game again Vic won but this one was a lot closer - score 21-17.

Then Appu played for some time. She's never played table tennis before but, given time, she would become really good at it. Cos knowingly unknowingly, she manages to get this absolutely wicked top spin on the ball.

Then while Appu took a water break, me and Vic played the third game of the day. Again Vic one but this one went into a tiebreak with both of us tied at 21 points each. Vic finally won the game 24-22.

Then Appu wanted to play some more and in the process - she kind of lunged at the ball and DHADOOM !!!! she went down flat on the floor. Nothing much was hurt - except her ego - which was severely bruised. She nursed that for a while and went off to drink some more water from her bottle.

Game No 4 - I won !!! Score 21-16.

By then it was almost 7 pm. we had booked the table for one hour. Appu got some more practice time and when we walked out of the TT room at 7 pm we found Abhay having fun in the children's playroom in the clubhouse. Appu wanted to play too and so off she went.

Me and Vic went off to the supermarket for some shopping. The supermarket looked like a refugee camp at that time of the evening on a weekend. It was so crowded.

We finished our shopping and the checkout line we were in had a smart alec in it. There was this lady who had bought lot of stuff and was checking things out for home delivery (if the total billing is HKD 400 plus the supermarket delivers the stuff home without any delivery charges). What she had done was put 6 apples in one bag - of which 4 apples were lower priced and 2 of the apples were real pricey ones. I guess, in the hope that with so many items to checkout, the lady at the checkout counter would miss out on that small detail. But, as it turns out, she did not !! She gave the lady the option of either paying for those two apples or putting them back and there ensued a lot of riff raff over that. Finally, this lady chose to walk all the way back to the fruit section (which is on the other end of the supermarket) to put the apples back. Now had she paid for teh other stuff before she went off to put the apples back, she would have saved the others a lot of time. But that was not to be.

Finally by the time we got back home it was close to 8 pm and Abhay was howling his head off. When he saw me he came running over with his arms outstretched and held up. I picked him up and sat him down on my lap and gave him a huge huggie and lots of kissies and then he decided to stop crying.

Like the saying goes - "All's well that ends well".

TT next weekend - sure - why not ??? !!!

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