04 August, 2006

The story of the ladder and ......

We have this step ladder at home which I occasionally use - to try and see if my vertigo is getting any better or not - to try and evaluate how many number of steps I can go before my head starts to spin !!

Did you actually fall for that ???

Gee - well - for starters - we do have a step ladder at home and I do have vertigo. And I do use the step ladder - but I use it for purposes it is meant for - to try and reach otherwise unreachable things. So there !!

The ladder has (or rather had) pieces of rubber fitted onto each one of its legs - so as to prevent the ladder from slipping (no quacky explanations for this one). Over a period of time, mostly due to wear and tear, and partly due to other reasons, a couple of those rubber thingys ("thingys" - a term I learnt from Appu - seems to be the "in" word nowadays) have fallen off and are perched on the window ledge.

Yesterday Abhay was trying to figure out what those rubber "thingys" were. When he saw me he said "What's that ? What's that ?" with that index finger of his pointing out to those rubber "u know whats".

I pointed out to the folded ladder which was resting against the wall and then pointed to its legs and told him "The ladder had those on its legs. Now they've fallen off".

He seemed puzzled at first - seemed to be evaluating, trying to place things and then with all the fuzzy logic that a three year old can possibly muster he came to a conclusion. A grin slowly started spreading on that little face and he says - once again pointing to those rubber thingys (I am beginning to like this term) ......

"That's a ladder shoe".

Can't really dispute that one, right ???

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