16 August, 2006

Slippers .....

Slipper(n.) a light, low-cut shoe into which the foot slips easily.

Seems like a very mild, bland word, does it not ????

Nope - it definitely does not seem that way to Abhay.

Abhay loves to wear Vic's house slippers and plod and lumber around. He can be heard clumping around the house in Vic's slippers at just about any time of the day.

But the word "slipper" is proving to be a massive tongue twister of sorts for the little guy.

Every time he tries to say "slipper" the word that pops out of his mouth is "sippler".

And Abhay being Abhay, he goes on trying...........

The first few "sippler" "sippler" "sippler" "sippler" are quite mild and said in a "normal Abhay" voice.

As the frustration with the word "slipper" mounts so does the vocal crescendo.

Finally, yesterday, he managed to say it "Slipper" - and the grin that followed was really something to behold.

But the victory was as short as it was sweet :-)

Today he was trying to say the word over the over again ......

"sippler" "sippler" "sippler" "sippler" "sippler" .......

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Hunky Dude said...

Here comes the "Hot Sippler"!