31 August, 2006

School starts tomorrow ....

Ever since the orientation day at the kindergarten (which was on 26th August 2006), I had been mentally counting down to D-Day - the day school would official begin.

And it is so close I can actually feel the butterflies in my stomach - because this is the first time in about three plus years that Abhay is going to be on his own. But along with this feeling of edginess and jumpiness, there is also a distinct feeling of excitement.

This is going to be a whole new chapter in Abhay's life. So far life, for him, has revolved around home and family - aside of the trips to the park where each day you meet someone new. School, hopefully, would open a whole new vista for him. A backdrop, a blank canvass on which he would begin his endeavour to paint his own landscape with his very own outlook.

The first step towards independence begins tomorrow. It sure is a big day for the little guy - who, by the way, is blissfully unaware or rather, knowing him, has decided that Ignorance most definitely is Bliss.

As I wonder how tomorrow will be .............

........ I know it sounds very cliched, but time has definitely flown.

2 voice(s) said so:

Tharini said...

WIshing Abhay and you, all the very best of luck and smooth sailing into his new chapter.

mommyof2 said...

Hugs to you.. I know its very hard to think that you won't be there to wipe their tears away in school but as you said in your earlier post,this is something we have to deal with.

lots of {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}} for you.