12 August, 2006

The Poor Little Linguist

Yesterday night, I was giving Abhay his Milo - pre-bedtime drink. I had mixed up the quantity he normally drinks. Dunno why, yesterday, there was a bit left in the glass when he goes


Enough in Talayalam is "Porum". Though he now knows to say "Porum" he still, many a times, says what he used to say when he was a lot younger - Peeyum - i.e enough in a "when Abhay was a lot younger" language.

For the most part, it is in jest, cos he knows I will respond with the inevitable "Peeyadhu" - which is "Poradhu" which is Talayalam for "Its not enough".

So he goes


Of course, needless to say, I replied "Peeyadhu"

"Peeyum Peeyum Peeyum"

"Peeyadhu, Peeyadhu, Peeyadhu" I said

"Peeeeeyuuuuuuummmm" he whispered

"Peeeeeeeyaaaaaaadhu" I whispered back

His smile was getting wider by the minute and so was mine.

"Porum" he said with a very difficulty mustered serious look on his little face.

"Poradhu" I replied, trying but failing miserably at looking serious.

He lapsed into silence for a couple of seconds. Probably, wondering "How am I going to make Ammai understand that I mean business ?"

Then he says "Bas" (Hindi for enough)

I said "Nahin re"

He then says "Ammai - please keep"

I said "Keep what ?"

He says "Keep it there" (pointing to the milk glass)

I am quite a wicked mom OK and I was enjoying the discomfiture that the situation was presenting him. I know I know - I'm one mean mom !!

So I just kept the whole thing going by asking him

"Keep what where Abhay"

He pointed to the glass and says "Keep it there" (pointing to the dining table)

By then, I guess, nature actually felt sorry for him and decided to help him out of this dilemma


There it was - a pretty loud burp for a kid his size.

Then he looks at me with that shy yet sweet smile on his face and though he did not vocally say anything the look on his face was screaming out aloud
"Ammai - now do you get the message".

I could not help but laugh - I was in splits actually.

His response - those two little palms with the fingers all spread out covering both sides of his face !!!

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