03 August, 2006

Our Little Spilling Bee

The other day, like I said in one of my earlier posts, Abhay spilt a whole lot of fish food. Yesterday, another incident came to mind. This one, when he was 11 months old.

It was on the 14th of April 2004. It was Vishu - and like every year, we had our Vishukkani in the prayer room.

Towards late afternoon, we had put the fruits inside the fridge and what remained on the prayer shelf (apart from the lamps and the agarbatti holders) was the mirror with the necklaces still on it and the bowls of rice and lentils which are also placed on the Vishukkani.

Abhay was missing from the living room for a few minutes and when we went looking for him we found him in the prayer room with a vishukkani of his choice. He had spilt the rice and lentils on the floor and was generally having a lot of fun.

Habits do die hard, do they not ??? !!!!

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