28 August, 2006

Orientation Day at the Kindergarten

We had received a letter from the kindergarten quite some time back stating that the Orientation Day was scheduled for 26th August 2006 (Saturday).

Got Abhay dressed and both of us reached the kindergarten around 10.05 am. He has been in the reception area of the kindergarten before - when we had gone over for his "interview" - a pre-admission requisite. But he has never actually crossed the "Lakshman Rekha" - that is to say - the inner door which leads to the play area and the classrooms.

He seemed hesitant and I had to give him a little nudge of encouragement to egg him on and he stepped into the play area with me. We met another Korean lady there - whose second child was also due to start kindergarten on 01 September. It so happens that her first child and Aparna were in the same class right from KG 1 to Primary Two. Only this year have they been put into two different classes.

She immediately rushed over to say HI with a huge smile on her face and Abhay immediately disappeared behind Mummy. Given Abhay's small frame and Mummy's large one - it was not too difficult a task. He kept giving her furtive looks - all the while safely hidden behind Mummy. The same story was repeated when we met his teachers for this year - Ms.Michelle and Ms. Becky.

He took his time even warming up to the play area, which incidentally, was filled with vehicles of all different shapes and colours. I had thought that he would take to it like a fish takes to water - but that was apparently not to be.

He very very slowly began testing the waters and then started to play with the cars and jeeps etc which were all over the play area. But all the while, he was insistent that Mummy be around. Now that's a sticky situation !!

Once, when he was running around in a car, I told him that I had a little work with the lady in the reception and that I would be right back. I thought that the toy cars would be powerful enough magnets to hold his attention till the time I got back.

Off I went to the reception and sorted some things out with the receptionist. By the time I was through, I was beginning to feel quite pleased that he had not come running after me. Nor had I heard him start to cry. I permitted myself a small smile and with that I turned around to walk back to the play area where Abhay was - or so I thought !!

I almost stumbled over him. He was and had been standing quiet as a mouse right behind me all the while. Not a sound but he had been there all along. And there he was - standing there with that "Where did you plan on leaving me alone and going ?" look on his face.

We went back to the play area and he was playing with the cars again while I waited around for a while and then went into the classroom to collect his uniforms and school bag. All the while, his eyes followed me like beacons. Not once did he let me out of his sight. When I did manage to move out of his line of vision, he immediately abandoned his car and came running to the classroom with a look on his face that I can only describe as "wild-eyed".

He wanted to play for some more time and finally around noon we got back home.

Ask him anything school related - he refuses to even acknowledge the question.

Talk of selective perception !!!!

Today morning, I was putting his school uniform onto a hanger so that it could go into his wardrobe. He was watching me all along and I showed it to him and said "Hey Abhay - Look - your school uniform". "Looks nice, doesn't it ?" "You will be wearing this smart uniform to school on Friday". "Do you like it ?"

He did not say anything.

Then he walks up to me, takes the school uniform off the hanger, hands me the uniform and walks away with the hanger.

Now is that supposed to be a subliminal message of some kind ???

"A lull before the storm" - the idiom goes.

Likewise, we seem to be experiencing the "lull" now.

The "storm" is expected to hit on Friday, 01 September 2006, when the kindergarten officially opens for the academic year 2006-2007.

3 voice(s) said so:

Hunky Dude said...

Abhay,dude u got girls in the class too!...hell if i knew that way back in kindergarten,mum would've had to drag me outta the class!

mommyof2 said...

Oh boy.. the big day is around the corner. I think we moms are more emotional than the kids about all the new stuff in their life.

since its your second time dealing with the same feelings, I know you will deal in a different & expert way this time. Make sure to post it about his first day. Looking forward to read more.

Lots of hugs to Abhay & You. No matter how you deal with all this you will need a hug from your friends:-)

harsha said...

gauri.... let him just settle down once.... with all those teachers & girls around him.... he'll seriously rather be left alone there :)