08 August, 2006

Oh Yes !!! The little mermaid swims......

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw Appu romping in the swimming pool. She looked ecstatic.

This may seem like no big deal, I mean - lots of kids go in for swimming lessons and learn.

But this has, for Appu, been a sweet victory of sorts. It has been more of a mental battle for her rather than the more usual physical one of fighting exhaustion and fatigue.

She had a huge mental block when it came to "letting go" in the pool and as a result her whole body would tense up and her legs would "get stuck" onto the bottom of the pool.

Couple of times, she'd been in tears over this. For her, over the past three weeks, going over for swimming lessons have been akin to facing the demons that have been tormenting her, questioning her ability, her capacity, questioning her morale and her confidence in herself.

Yesterday, a huge mental battle was won and she did it in style. Even when she was doing her warm up exercises before getting into the pool, I could see no signs of quivering lips, no signs of tears welling up in those little eyes, no signs of hesitation - all of which had been present during her warm up routine over the past three weeks. It was almost as though her mind was made up.

And sure enough, once in the water too, this time around, I did not once see her telling her instructor "But I can't do it" "No I'm scared". She quite literally took the plunge. And from then on there was no stopping her. On and on she went, lap after lap after lap.

When it was time for her to step out of the pool, she saw me standing there with a huge grin on my face and when I gave her a big "thumbs up" from the parents' enclosure, I could see the pride welling up within her and then the shyness took over :-)

And Appu, you little monkey, the next time you finish swimming and come over with that cheeky grin on your face and tell me "Hey Mummy - now I know something you don't, I can do something you can't. Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Ae Ae Ae Ae Ae (those are musical notes)" - I sure will go along with that one :-)) cos you've earned it !!!

Our very own little mermaid !!!!

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Aparna said...

Congratulations, Appu!

And congratulations, proud mom!