23 August, 2006

Mythological Stories

This request from Appu is oft heard nowadays "Can you please tell me some story about Lord Ganesha ?" or at times it is Lord Shiva or Lord Hanuman or Goddess Saraswati or Goddess Durga ....... "Any God Story" as Appu would say.

As a result, I find myself browsing the web more and more, of late, hunting for mythological stories - stories which I myself have heard when I was a kid but, the intrinsic details of which, have faded over a period of time. On a macro level, I still remember the outlines of the story but, the details, I found, had me stumped.

Like the other day, I was telling her the story of one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu - The Narasimha Avatar - and when I closed my eyes I could almost picture myself during my childhood days with the "Narasimha" comic book in my hands.

Yesterday, I was telling her the story of "Ganesha and Kubera" after I found it on the net. This again, was a story, which my father had read out to me from one of the Tamil Magazines. Over a period of time, it had faded into distant memory.

This interest of hers in mythological stories is doing her a lot good and is doing me a lot good too.

Like the saying goes "Arindhum Ariyamalum, Therindhum Theriyaamalum" - Knowingly/Unknowingly - Appu is bringing back small bits and pieces of my childhood days - the days of Chandamamas and Amar Chitra Kathas and Jataka Tales and Panchatantra.

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Tharini said...

That's lovely Gauri. It must feel delightful to relive those parts of childhood. And Abhay gets this richness right from now.

Bet he'll be telling you one of these stories pretty soon, and the way he says it, and his version of it will make for a separate post. :)

Anonymous said...

you get dvd s of 'the tales of panchatantra', tenali rama and even 'akbar-birbal'......chk them out.